Fellow Crackajacks! ... (Fine print ahead!)

... All great businesses on earth are built upon 3-powerful potions: Talent, Skills and Passion. Some Crackajacks identify these potions early enough in their lives and build stunning businesses effortlessly! It's not too late. You too can start one now and enter Kingpin-ship. Say goodbye to the job you hate and commit to unearthing your potions, building your dream business and living a life you love. Crackajack Snr. has got your back!


A gift given to you by your Maker.Consider it the natural ability to do something; a resource that cannot be earned. You only need to discover and develop it.
Have you identified your inborn gift yet?


Learned power to do something proficiently; your discovery channel! This is what you will get here in tons unending to make your talent serve you!
You never outgrow skill acquisition. Ever!


Desire actualized through putting every bit of your energy into action. Passion polishes your talent with the right skills to help you create stunning businesses.
How hot is your passion for the action?

No matter who you are, where you were born or your current status, you are here on a special mission. That is, "To serve the world with your inborn gift."
And only you can do that, making you an extraordinary Crackajack!

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Dripping talents!
I Hate Me

I Hate Me

Non-fiction (Self-help/ memoir)
The Unsustainable Project

The Unsustainable Project

Fiction (Romance)
Millions of Robots

Millions of Robots

Non-Fiction (Self-help)

Do You Believe in Your Talent?

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