Hey Fellow Crackajacks!

Did you know, all great businesses are built upon these 3 powerful potions?


A gift given to you by your Maker. Consider it the natural ability to do something with ease. It is one of the many things your hand finds to do.
Have you identified your inborn gift yet?


Learned power to do something proficiently. It takes commitment to growth, infused creativity and intense practice to perfect what your hand finds to do.
You never outgrow skill acquisition. Ever!


Fierce brew of passion and perseverance to reach a set goal. You serve more people and profit when you love and endure in what you hand finds to do!
The grittier you are, the greater your business!

It works. Even in Africa!

What my hand found to do
I Hate Me

I Hate Me

Non-fiction (Self-help/ memoir)
The Unsustainable Project

The Unsustainable Project

Fiction (Romance)
Millions of Robots

Millions of Robots

Non-Fiction (Self-help)

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