The Scent of You

Hugging you should be made ‘illegal’,
Because the scent of you still clings on my shoulders,
Despite changing into my indoor wear,
And with such, I can’t get you out of my mind.

(I smile)
Thinking of the ‘illegal’ things I have just done.
Not once,
But twice this morning.
So you lit up my morning
And my spirit went up with it.
I must be a sunflower.

So here I am,
Bathing in the ‘illegality’ of meeting you,
Hugging you,
And yet knowing
Even in your absence,
A piece of you
Scratch that.
A whopping slice of you
Is still with me.
Evidenced by the scent of you.

( Sips the coffee )
Or maybe I’m but hallucinating.
Or the ‘illegal’ has a thing on me.
The case is,
Your scent on me starts my day right.
And that’s all that matter.

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Sir Mwangi Kaguku

I wish I could write a sequel to this or give a nice feedback but I am afraid its too juicy too add anything. I love it, and its flow


Don’t shy away Sir Mwangi!
A sequel would do it wonders. Come on, give it a shot. You will never know how it will turn out until you actually write.

And I will be waiting for your side of contribution. 😉😉

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