About Fine Wealth

A church elder once told a story of a rich man who committed suicide. The suicide note read,
“Not a word of encouragement.”

Fine Wealth is all about creating a safe space to encourage sons to open up.

He was debtless. His tax books were in order. He even had promising growth plans for his business. But his family didn’t appreciate him. They probed. Demanded. But never appreciated him.

So he grew his business. But was unable to pull himself out of the toxicity his family created around him. He prospered money-wise, but was emotionally drained. Spiritually dehydrated. This is so common among men who are breadwinners. They feel unappreciated. Unwanted. Unloved. So after working hard all day long, they end up in the bar. Speaking to a bottle.

And that is where ‘Building Sons’ comes in.

People who commit suicide have among other things spiritual dehydration.
Let me explain; before anything is created physically, it is first created spiritually. We meditate on it in our hearts until we believe it is so. Then it converts to our truth. To what we believe in. Then, and only then do we actualize it, physically.

Dr. Joseph Murphy puts it this way in his book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,

That’s why the ‘Building Sons’ Project is important. It creates an opportunity for men to open up to ‘mom’. Cry in her laps and break the notion that they are unappreciated. Unacknowledged. Unloved. Because there’s more to building strong businesses and winning careers that meets the eye. It begins with a strong spiritual foundation. One that’s God-led. And God-governed. With all glory going to God.

So when the question, “Would you like to talk about it?” comes up in the #Mom2Sons conversation, it’s purely on a platonic level. Don’t wait. Cry if you have to. Even if the ugly kind of cry. But just open up.

What’s Fine Wealth All About?

Fine Wealth is about creating a safe-space for sons to confidently address emotions therefore hydrating their spiritual connectivity so as to build strong business or career goals. Don’t worry if you’ve got it the other way round; built the business without sorting out your spiritual side. Mom got you! Just remember, unless the spiritual is firmly built, the physical is built in vain. So address it sooner than later. And only a dedicated mom can do that; listen intentionally.

Of course your Dad can do that too, but how often do you open up to him?
Well, you probably do. Congratulations!

But if you don’t discuss your life on a heart-to-heart level with him, you definitely need a mom. A safe haven to open up to so you can strengthen your business or career goals. Because anything that isn’t built on solid spiritual ground is bound to sink. And that is where it all begins.

So, welcome to #Mom2Sons, The business here is ‘Building Sons.’