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You and I deserve The Goodness in Humanity Habit

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘goodness in humanity habit’?

Of late I have been reading one of the many Robin Sharma‘s books, The Leader Who Had No Title alongside watching a number of his videos. Four videos in particular. Two made a lot of sense while the other two, let’s not talk about them at the moment. In English, they were pure adverts!

I however came across a topic, I fail to remember if it was all from one video or a piece of it came from the book. A topic where he discusses the habit installation protocol.

So I decided to try it.

And why not?

As at the writing of this article, it’s the 22nd day of 67 of the habit installation. Robin advises a minimum of 66 days to install and automate the habit but I noted a common trend of plus one. I bet you now see why 67.

Moving on quickly, I noticed that at the beginning I set my wake-up alarm at 5 AM. But I found myself beating it by almost one hour! For you who is reading this article and wondering why 5 AM, another one of Robin’s book is named ‘The 5 AM Club’. It apparently praises waking up at the time which I would imagine is way before the average working person. I must confess, I haven’t read it yet. But it’s in the pipeline. And I look forward to devouring it!

Back to the habit installation protocol tale. A few days down the line, and by a few I mean a maximum of 3, I found myself wiggling in bed somewhere around 4.25 AM. Well, I thought, why not start my day right away?

I would after all wake up at 5 AM to install my habits. The more time for me. Yippee and Hurray!

By 5 AM I was done with the workout, showering and was oiling myself. This is when I noted three main things. One, I could change the alarm to 4:25 AM and still survive. Two, I could brush my teeth after devotion instead of just after waking up. Please don’t ask why I specified after devotion. I’m still trying to figure it out too. And three, how about keeping up with my current read, The Leader Who Had No Title, somewhere between making breakfast for the family and having it with my partner?

Good sense, huh?

It’s the third point that hit home best. For your digestion, The Leader Who Had No Title is unpartable with. I’m on page 176 so I know what I’m talking about.

The Lesson Behind Goodness in Humanity Habit

Have you heard folks around you say phrases such as, “All people are so untrustworthy nowadays” or “People are …” without a blink?

I have.

And here is the question that comes to mind when I hear such. "Through what lenses is this person looking at 'all people'?" Share on X

No, I know that’s not what you expected to read here when it comes to humanity and habits. But that’s the question I find myself asking when someone around me generalizes issues. Better still I ask them, “Who hurt you?”

Here is why.

For the person to make such a statement, someone must have taught them that. And they must have allowed themselves to have such ugly words installed in them. No doubt. I would like to blame the society but I’m a leader. An unashamedly great leader at that. So where I come from we own up the situations and turn them to opportunities. Not problems. Situations.

And no, I’m not insane.

This I say under the conviction that what you believe, you see. A lot of it actually. So the untrustworthy people you keep talking about cements the untrustworthy belief. Making such people to keep showing up on your path. That’s why when you come across someone trustworthy, you are shocked socks-off!

Goodness in humanity does exist.

Yes, you read that right. But where do you find the goodness in humanity state of mind?
How do you begin changing the way you see people?
What do you do?

The same book states, “You take you wherever you go”. Meaning if you need to see change in the people, change yourself first.

I know that sounds rude. But here is a question for you. Would you trust someone to show you the way if you knew they haven’t been to the place you want to go before?

Yep! I thought as much.

You wouldn’t because you know they don’t know they way. That’s why I advise you to pick your raiment and begin practicing being that good person first. Change your vocabulary and edit those ugly words in your conversation. Do it daily. Make it a ritual even. Baby steps as they say. That ugly language had better die an ugly death. So go ahead and kill it until it is dead! And make room for the sweet scented language. The language that sees goodness in humanity.

Then like magic you will begin to see, literally see, people who come your way rising up. Ascending to your goodness. So when I say you take you with you wherever you go, you now understand that I mean more than just you. Include in that category everyone else you intersect with.

Do you want to install that goodness in humanity habit?

Start by being a good person. And let everyone who intersects with you desire the beautiful scent of the habit.

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You take you wherever you go!

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