What If You Could Make It Happen?

She walked into the tailor’s shop and tossed the oversized track pants on the counter. He looked up from whatever it is he was working on, probably some kid’s uniform.

She didn’t care.

She simply wanted two straps added around the waistline to fasten the pants. Two, to somehow keep the pants in place, or maybe suit the version in her mind.

No, it wasn’t really loose. It just wasn’t the picture she had in her head. The two needed to be in place despite her overflowing hips.

“Make it happen!” She voiced, uncompromisingly.

Her tone was that of an alpha female; the kind that infected everyone daring to enter her field with self-belief. The ‘I believe you can make this happen’ voice. His on the other hand reeked of ‘It’s not possible. It seems complicated. I don’t feel-stroke-see the solution so I will overcharge so you exit.’

She read his mind. The reluctance was real.

No, not this time round. She had seen him turn down various clients. Not because he couldn’t do the work, but that he wasn’t willing to innovate around anything. Anything at all. So, he spent the entire day turning the clothes this way and that way but never solving the problem.

And when the owners returned, he gave long reasons why their clothes couldn’t be rectified, leaving them no choice but take their work elsewhere. Often without paying.

But why would they pay?

He hadn’t rectified the clothes. He didn’t deserve the pay. He shrugged. And slowly but surely his shop dried off customers. Not even his friends could stand him.

But she wasn’t one to give into his ‘can’t be done’ whims. She had known him for three months and had smelled his potential. She also sensed the unwilling electromagnetic field he created around his shop. The kind of vibe she couldn’t stand and wasn’t about to let that destroy his business. Not in her newly mastered self-belief field.

She had dealt with too much doubt in the past that her own business had sunk into major losses, negative reviews and exiting clients. Until a friend she once mentored reminded her of her input in his business. He pointed out her footprints in his thriving business. And the number of people he had gone ahead to influence, all because she believed in him.

So, when she met this doubting tailor, felt the negative vibes all over his shop, she made it her business to bring around the most intriguing adjustments she could gather from her wardrobe. Of course, she could have adjusted them herself. But she chose not to. It was something she vowed not to do as long as she believed he could make happen with the equipment he had in his shop.

The only thing he needed was to believe he could. Then go ahead and make it happen. And she was more than willing to pester him until he made it happen. Even though it was the last thing he did before the sun set and his wife came around to pick him and the little money he gathered from clients who pitied him despite not adjusting their clothes.

No, she wasn’t about to allow him waltz into a pity-party, Not today.

Not on her watch.

Besides, the ‘not-possible’ habit was growing on to his employee too. And both depended on the pity of the often bitter but forgiving clients who tossed money on the counter in the name of ‘I’m paying for the time spent, not the work done since there is none.’

She felt the cheat game running through their veins. Not that they willingly lied, but it was easier for them to pick the tossed cash than do the arduous task of thinking, believing and doing. So, over time a habit developed between the two, to lie to themselves that they couldn’t do the work.

But What If You Could Make It Happen?

What if you believed you could make it happen even for a second? That one infectious second that throws a smile across your lips in self-belief? Wouldn’t you commit hours of evening oil seeking the solution?

And when sunrise came, would you not stitch together the solution and charge an honourable amount for the work done?

How difficult would that possibly be to believe it could be done by you?

That you could, and can make that thing happen? That if you allowed yourself time, the stilled time of the night to work on whatever it is that’s on your mind, that you would charge yourself with enough confidence to create an electromagnetic field of possibility to actually do the work? That you could make that which you desire happen?

You see, when I commenced writing this article, I believed it could be done. Then the emotions oozed from the excitement that it could actually be done. That I could do it. So, I visited this magazine and perceived your eyes prowling through the not-yet-done article with wonder. Magnetizing you with belief. With desire to make whatever it is you have been thinking about, but postponing, happen.

Then I took my A4 exercise book and scribbled at the top of a blank page, “What if you could make it happen?” And the rest is what you are currently reading!

I don’t know what ‘it‘ is for you, but I know for sure it exists. And you haven’t made it happen because somehow you don’t belief – you doubt you have what it takes to bring it to fruition. So you, like the doubting tailor, have concocted an anthem you preach to everyone, you included, that it can’t be done.

How sorry!

You have created an electromagnetic field in your life, yes, life, that sees to it that whatever enters it is negatively charged with impossibility. So now you live on handouts from people who sympathize, albeit pays you for work you didn’t do. You charge them for the work you have told yourself you can’t do. Even though deep inside you know you can make it happen if only you gave yourself permission to try. To dare belief.

Yet, you aren’t willing to dare. You aren’t willing to belief. You feel you are better of complaining how it can’t be done. How it isn’t possible. How it would cost more to do it even if you aren’t willing to create the minimum viable product. That demo version of the product in your mind. So, you drive away the client with a high quote and pessimist charge.

No, that’s not fair.

Not to you. Not to the client. Not even to the world waiting for you to make that product happen. Because you and I know it isn’t about the money. It’s about your unbelief. It’s about the limitedness of your belief. The attitude radiating from your electromagnetic field!

But here is the question again,

What If For One Second You Dared Believe That It Is Possible?

What if you gave yourself permission to believe in you? What is the worst that could happen?

What if you began building the product, just for you, and it worked? Psst…. This article is a monologue going on in my mind, about me. Then you tweaked it for your neighbour and they were ecstatic about it that it gave them so much bliss that they thanked you genuinely for it? Then they stirred you to take it to the market and introduced you to their network? And then in a few months you scaled it to fit a good number of their friends, and their friends’ friends, and their friends on Facebook?

Do you now see what that little self-belief could do for you?

It would charge your electromagnetic field with vivacity and make it happen for that product in your mind. And the next. And then the next because if you can create the first, then the next is possible!

But maybe you are used to a stinky negative field. Finding reasons why it, whatever it is, can’t be done. Yet I challenge you, “What if it can?”

Remember such a thing as you once believed it couldn’t be done, yet right this minute you can do it with your eyes closed.

I dare you right now to believe in you. In your ability to make it happen. To feel the thrill of that thought happening and then put the thought and the thrill to work. To go beyond thinking, feeling and doing it for you, to doing it for someone else and then feel their thrill. Their awe. Their smile. Their ‘bless you’. Their ‘thank you’.

Because They Made It Happen For You!

I dare you to look around the space you occupy right now and see, feel, or smell that thing that you love. That thing that gives you comfort while using it. Then imagine the person who dared believe it is possible to build it. Imagine the thrill they felt when they built it, and by extension, went beyond self and thought and felt your thrill using it.

And if they felt the thrill, you too can.

You, like them, can make it happen. Just don’t stop at the thrill you feel when you make it happen. Extend the electromagnetic field to touch someone else. Someone you will probably never meet but you feel they will need it. That they will do well with it. And even though they will never meet you, the will forever be grateful to you because you built the product.

I’m looking at the variety of pens on my desk right now and admiring the different rubber grips each one of them exhibits. The feel is awesome!

I imagine the creator of the rubber grips lived in a hot place or had sweaty palms just like me. And while they could have decided to wrap the pen with a handkerchief and keep writing, it would have solved their problem after all, they thought of me and a million others. So, they created a solution and shared it with the rest of the world.

Not because they knew me. But because they imagined a writer on the other side of the world on a summer evening and couldn’t help but melt in their heart at the thought of the comfort they would bring me. The me they would never meet. They then went ahead and created the rubber grip, not one, but a variety. And made them so pretty that they feel awesome to touch!

But maybe you hate writing and can’t wrap your mind around rubber grips.

You however can imagine the person who concocted Vicks; the vapour rub that decongests chests. The creator of Vicks probably made the concoction for themselves. And when it worked, they extended their belief to their neighbour whose mother couldn’t sleep due to a congested chest.

Imagine the relief they brought their neighbour. Imagine the gratitude oozing from making and sharing the vapour rub. Imagine what the world is today because of that simple ointment!

If for no other reason, dare to build the product in your mind because of that neighbour. You probably can do without it, but can they? And can you live with yourself knowing that if you didn’t make it happen they would live a depressing life?

Can you live with that?

Now, like the tailor adjusting the track pants, the sweat-preventing rubber grip maker, and the vapour rub maker decongesting the neighbour’s mother’s chest, what electromagnetic field would you create around yourself?

Just make it happen!

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I like the alpha female in you..make it your stand out all the time and keep going.. ” my darling”

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