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Leave Your Circle

The month of January comes with many promises.

And I had a list of those. I’m no exception you know.

I promised myself to keep off certain friends, not because they were terrible for me. But because I was addicted to them.

Yes, I get addicted to people. 🙈

I would have called this piece “How to birth new ideas” but that would limit self-reengineering as a process.

So I will go with ‘leave your circle’ because the story features the desire to re-engineer myself.

I therefore urged myself to leave my circle of habits, which included time with friends, so as to reconstruct myself and rise to what I considered my best version.

Did I achieve it?

Partly so. But not without battling withdrawal symptoms!

Everything from hating my love for writing and replacing it with sleep, to hallucinating. I literally saw myself sitting with a friend chatting about the little nothings over and over again. No joke!

I meant to stay away from this particular friend for 30 days. But only managed the first eight days and I couldn’t hold it any longer. We both suffered big time. I however promised myself to try it all over again with better preparation.

Staying away from anything you are addicted to helps you focus on the process of self-reengineering. You can’t stay in the same environment, surrounded by the same people, and hope to achieve much. You must leave your circle of friends, habits, entertainment, and lifestyle to mention but a few.

Leave your circle!

You can always return when the process is over. Only that you will be a totally different person. And it’s up to them to adjust to the new you or leave your circle creating room for what matches your new self.

My hibernation birthed something beautiful.

I was slow-walking from the grocery shop when the image of a local newspaper, the online version, popped into my mind.💡

“Turn the blog into an online magazine!”

Because deep inside I craved to write wide. To break the limitations that came with a niche-themed blog.

I desired to showcase my short stories in a place I had control of, unlike medium.com. Then there are quotes like the one above that I create with Canva only to share in my WhatsApp status. Oh, and the nuggets from the books I read. And finally the business ideas I post every now and then. The main reason why I started the blog. Imagine having all those in one place. 🤔

Silence and solitude bore that thought. A good reason why I will hibernate from my circle all over again and keep constructing my best self.

Oh, one more thing. The ‘leave your circle’ move was inspired by Gary J. Bishop’s book, Unfu*k Yourself. You need to read that book.

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