MagdaleneDoes your heart tell you to go into business but your ‘feet’ just won’t let you?


There are at least 7 billion people around the world waiting for your services. They are stuck somewhere in a hot, dry and dusty desert deprived of your ‘water’ to quench their thirst. Imagine that 🙁  🙁  🙁

It’s time to rewrite your story!

On an ordinary day in the hot and humid coast of Africa, I wear three HATS.

We all have numerous hats on our heads at any one time. I have three main hats. You too have a fair number I bet!

Pick any hat(s) you wish and I will help you rewrite your story, starting NOW. I’m a…

Business mentor

Business Mentor

Freelance writer

Freelance Writer

Motivational speaker

Motivational Speaker