Business Mentorship

Hey fellow Crackajack!‚ô•

Guess what?

You have found a brain to pick, an ear to listen to you, and someone to push you in the right direction. Even if it means saying to you…


As your business mentor, I will help you decode your talent. You choose; we can Chat, Skype call or have face-to-face meeting over a steaming cup of coffee!

(I love those, sometimes just for the heck of it- I’m serious. It’s a symptom of ‘Deseando Comunicacion’ – aka desire to communicate).

Together, we will work on identifying your talent, building grit for it and selecting skills you need to create a befitting business for you. Then I will walk with you (and push you) so you don’t give up along the way.

Let’s get started!


I didn’t say it is going to be an easy road to travel. Nope. But when you walk with me, you will endure the hardships much better.