Hey friend,

Guess what? You have found a brain to pick, an ear to listen to you, and someone to push you in the right direction. Even if it means saying to you,

“Suck it up, Buttercup!”


…because you too can build a STUNNING business by serving others with what you rock at.


As your business mentor, I will help you decode your Three Powerful Pillars a.k.a “What you rock at!” over a Chat, Skype call or a face-to-face meeting over a steaming cup of coffee!

(I love those, sometimes just for the heck of it- I’m serious. It’s a symptom of ‘Deseando Comunicacion’ – aka desire to communicate).

business mentorship


Together, we will work on identifying your talent, understanding and building passion around it and selecting skills that you need to create a befitting business for you.

Let me help you build a business you will look forward to waking up to. One that your neighbors, and their neighbors’ neighbors (their pets too) will open their doors to have you serve them…. AT A PROFIT.

Time to get your business going … Ask for more


I didn’t say it is going to be an easy road to travel. Nope. But when you walk with me, your journey is going to be much easier.