Motivational Speaking

Rise to your greatness!

Welcome back dear Crackajack,

The only thing keeping you from building a business you love and living a desirable lifestyle is your untapped inborn talent.

That talent is your tool for service; the foundation for your unearthed dream.

my dream motivational speaking
What’s your dream?

But don’t let my dream scare you.

You see, I began public speaking at a tender age; making announcements before my fellow students in primary school. I loved it. I also loved hanging out with kids who did special things like dancing with the hoola hoop, weaving, plaiting hair, singing, sporting; anything I couldn’t do fascinated me.

By the time I turned 15, I was well known for public speaking, writing and reciting poems.

That story sounds really good doesn’t it?

Well, that’s until you learn what my teachers had to say about my boatload of inborn talents.

To them, my inborn talents were ‘small time entertainment tools‘ that wouldn’t lead to a bright future. My parents didn’t know better either. So after high school, I went to college and enrolled for a computer repairs and maintenance course. And for the next 13 years, I built computer networks and repaired computers. I even started a business around this.

Then it came down tumbling one year down the line!

Inspiring you into action!

I hate to see your inborn talents go to waste or lie dormant like mine did years ago. So, I will help you identify your dream around them, then inspire you to pursue it till fruition. Just like I have mine. It is that simple.

Rise to your greatness with your inborn talents

Let’s speak about it.