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The only thing keeping you from achieving what you want, is the fear of failure. And fear is a big FAT lie that your hands can’t even get around. So,why waste time embracing it?

It’s ok to feel scared, demoralized and unenergized to do the one thing you know you need to do to change your life. Knowing that, is great! But wisdom is knowing all that, and doing it anyway.

Because if you don’t do it, time won’t wait for you. And you’ll never know how it would have made you feel. You are missing out on all the fun dear!

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Your ‘Weird’ Sells Better

Instead of trying to conform to the systems, why don’t you pursue your WEIRD MISSION and stop denying us the service you ought to give to all mankind?

After all, there is only one of you and no one can do your weird better than you. My ‘weird’ in inspiring you leads me to advocate for upholding talents as the first employer, even if your talent is whistling like a bird. There’s space for that in today’s market!

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Embracing Talents for business. Entrepreneurship. Volunteering.

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