Have you ever come across people who, no matter what kind of business they go into, they succeed?

They get clients who can afford to pay them the worth of their services. Their marketing efforts yield great results and their overheads never seem to rise beyond the reach of their business.  How do they do it?

It’s no secret. But before letting the cat out of the bag, here is my request. Save the next ten or so minutes and listen to the spiritual entrepreneur, John Assaraf in the video below. Then we shall pick it up from there. Deal?

Not so difficult, is it?

Look my friend, I attended the whole BrainAthon John is talking about and Loved it. Now I’m enjoying life time Neurogym Membership where I get exclusive A-list coaching by experts from all over the world to retrain my brain and unlock my true potential. My mind is now totally renewed and that is why I’m inviting you to do likewise. Remember, as a man thinketh in his mind, so is he!

Don’t ignore that talent everyone claims is just a hobby or the little idea you have been toying with for months. Your time is now!

How Poets Succeed in Poetry

If you watched John’s video above, I’m sure the whole thing isn’t so new to you. But let me repaint the whole picture with a short story.

Whenever a poet is preparing to present a poem before an audience, there are certain things he or she does. First, they identify the date and time for the presentation. Then, set time apart to write the poem.

Upon completion, they read the poem for the first time, then again making corrections here and there before internalizing it.

Day by day, they read and put emotions into every word in the poem. They memorize every word. At first, they may sound flat and without form. But as they continue to put emotions the words, the poem begins to take shape.

They see themselves reciting the poem before their audience. They feel the imaginary audience absorbing every word and emotion. At that point, they are ready to perform.

Did you notice the length of the process that leads them to success?

It definitely isn’t a day or two. If you were to listen to the poet on the first day, you may not have the interest of seeing them perform. But as they begin to shape the words with various feelings, their voice draws you into the poem. You become part of it; a character in the scene in fact!

Retraining Your Mind For Success

Like a poet in the above scenario, you too can reinforce your thought pattern and succeed in your business.

How would you do that?

Like the poet, you too need a script. And that script is none other than your GOAL. You must have heard this statement before. But today, don’t just hear it; do it. Now.

Write down the most important goal that will help you succeed in your business and life in the fewest words possible. Make it something you will enjoy reading. You could write, “My goal is to earn $500 every week by Friday 1 pm.”

But that’s not all. Even a poem would be slightly longer, wouldn’t it?

WHY do you want to succeed so badly?

You see, the above goal feels naked as it is. Some people may even find it icky or even greedy and won’t commit to such. If you want your mind to COMMIT to succeeding in your goal, you need clarify WHY you MUST succeed in this goal.

WHY would you feel fantastic when you earn $500 every week by Friday 1pm?

WHY defines the emotional reason that helps you commit to achieving your goal even when other influences say otherwise. It brings in the necessary motive to push into action. If you have more than one reason, the better. The more the merrier.

Goals and reaons
Write your goal and WHY you must achieve it

Here are Some Reasons Why You May Want to Make $500 in a Week

These reasons would motivate me to pursue my goal and are very close to my heart. Feel free to pick those that rhyme with your desire to succeed in your business; those that agree with your goal. If none, read them as examples and make your own. Just make sure you do it now.

  1. To pay for your kids’ school fees in specific institutions

Name the schools, the total school fees in question and the amount you will reserve every week from the $500 earned for this cause.

  1. To help your spouse cater for the family budget

State how much you will give towards your family’s expenses every week. Better still, let your spouse know about it so they can encourage you whenever you feel down.

  1. To pay certain bills for your parents

If your parents have certain needs you are aware of and whenever they talk about them, you feel the urge to help them, this is your opportunity. How about sending them the money on Friday at 1 pm so they can to clear the bills in time. Note the WHY down and state the amount you plan to give.

  1. To save for your family’s investment

You may want to invest in the stock market to create passive income for your family. Factor in that desire here and state the amount you want to invest per week.

  1. To give as tithe in obedience to God and to a certain charitable organization of your choice

If you are a spiritual person or love giving to the less fortunate, indicate how much you plan to give every week from the $500 you make. It gets you closer to achieving your dream.

Retraining Your Brain To Succeed in Your Business

Have you ever noticed that even after writing down your goals, you still find it hard to pursue them?

In fact, you might know of a certain to-do list lying somewhere on your desk. The annoying thing is, you only remember of its existence a few minutes before you fall asleep. What stops you from attending to it?

From the video above, John Assaraf says it is necessary to train your brain to point all your energies to your goal. This prevents internal and external influences from interrupting your flow in pursuing your written goal in the course of the day.

Your success in pursuing your goal is bound to your ability to retrain your brain to submit to the process of realizing the goal. So, rephrase your goal like this;


Then follow this up with the supporting reasons. Does it now look like a poem you want to work on?

As John describes how his mentor taught him in the video above, you must read your ‘poem’ every morning. Ensure that you read it before you start your morning chores. And like the poet, let the words come out with the respective emotions.

This way, your brain will begin to accept it as something that it must work towards.

How Your Mind Achieves The Goal

As you read ‘your poem’, your mind begins to believe that it needs to do as you have told it. That’s when you begin noticing interesting opportunities coming your way.

Success in your business
Succeeding in your business

“By luck, I came across this guy who wanted the exact service I offer. He was even willing to pay upfront for the service. He sounded desperate and was glad that we had met. Can you believe that it was the first time that we crossed paths?”

Hahaha, that aint luck my friend!

Everything happens by choice, not chance. The same opportunity would have come your way but without your brain’s readiness to perceive it, you wouldn’t have recognized it.

Do you know how the scenario came to be?

You taught your brain to notice the opportunities around you by reading your goal daily. And when your brain heard it too many times, it assumed that this is its second nature. It impregnated your mind. And out of the abundance of your mind, your mouth spoke to the client. That’s all!

Your subconscious mind becomes more alert to suitable circumstances once your brain is trained to accept the goal. You even begin to feel those opportunities before they happen. You find yourself in places you would otherwise not go, speaking to people you don’t consider your type.

Does it now make sense?

Try It Out To Succeed In Your Business

Let me put across a disclaimer.

Don’t try this process with weak goals in the name of avoiding disappointments.

There is a famous quote by Esther Hicks, “What you focus on grows.” By setting weak and tiny goals, you are guided by fear. Fear being your focus, it is obvious, it grows and so does your disappointment.

So, set one goal that freaks you out from the word go! Then let your mind sober into it.

If you commit to re-evaluating your business today, you can come up with new goals. Those goals must be guided by reasons why you must succeed in your business. Note them down in the same format you have read above and read them daily. You will notice that your mind will begin to focus on specific kind of clients; those that can afford your services.

You will also notice areas that you can reduce the overheads as well as automate repeated processes in your business making work easier for you. And saving lots of time so you can do other important things!

Right now, all these benefits are hidden from your view. Yes, they are all present, but your mind isn’t able to perceive them. Will you dare to retrain and shape your mind?

The success of your business depends on it.

Did you find this article helpful? Share your progress. Let me know how your business is doing as you do this exercise.

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