How To Rise And Become The Industry Leader In Any Field

Providing great solutions in your industry today will earn you great clients, increase your productivity and earn you a good name. That is the most coveted package in every industry. Whether you are employed or running a business, you yearn to become an industry leader; the most wanted in your field.

You leading
Leading in your industry


This calls for you to access and process lots of information to enable you to create competitive solutions for your market. Not a walk in the park, is it?


Despite being able to access all sort of information, you will not always find this a blessing. More often than not, your study desk will swamp with dozens of books. Not to mentions uncountable open tabs on your web browser. How on earth are you supposed to emerge the industry leader while swimming in such a quagmire?

But first, how do you even know which industry you want to work in? Assuming you haven’t discovered the industry as yet, how do you go about identifying the best industry for you?


Arriving at a conclusion of what career path to take or even what kind of business to run isn’t one of the easiest things to do. Think about it. So far, you have come across quite a number of exciting experiences. Some gave you a jaw-dropping experience. Call them mind-blowing! While others left you with a, “Nah” as you shrugged your shoulders with no amazement.

But with so much information at your disposal, it isn’t always easy to settle on the one thing that you should venture in.

What is the way forward?


Before you jump ships, which you are likely to do pretty soon, here are points to help you to know where to invest your time and money while creating solutions.

a. Things you are passionate about.

What really turns you on?

When you enjoy what you do, you will have great and fruitful ideas. You will never run dry of creativity; something you need to become the industry leader in your field.

If you are not clear what your life passion is, take a ‘Clarity on Fire Quiz’. I found out and resonated with my results; I’m a Firestarter. I bet the name tells you what kind of a person I am.


b. Aim to solve specific people’s problems

Don’t try to act God here. No offense.

You can’t solve everyone’s every problem. But by being particular about where you want to focus your efforts, you will discover the field that is best for you.

If you were asked, ‘What kind of people do you want to offer solutions?’ and ‘What exactly will you do for them?’ What would you say?


Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson once said, “The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life.”


Richard Branson
Richard Branson: Industry leader


Your productivity’s core is tied to doing what you love most. Not for money, but pure passion. Having known that, now you are set to use these tried and tested methods to become the industry leader in your field.



  1. Make up your mind to stay in until you become the industry leader

You probably jumped ships after discovering you weren’t cut out for your last venture. Now that you are here, it’s time to make things work. Your fresh ideas will be stereotyped by the old hogs in the industry. But, get ready,


Don’t quit; leaders are not quitters. Stick it out till you lead them all!


You are here to show the market that you have the most eligible solutions to their needs. Understand that things will grow thick and hot. Your competitors aren’t going to take it lying down, so, man up and revolutionize the industry!


  1. Gather information on what you will require to succeed in that field.

If there is one thing you have to keep off – information blindness.

This is pacing around the industry without knowing how it operates, who the current industry leader is, how they got to the top and who the other players are. You have to gather all that data and examine the existing products for weaknesses and strengths. Anything less, you will end up in the hell hole!


With your findings, create a product that addresses the gap without losing any goodness. You may need to reverse engineer existing products, change their shape, color and even the way it is served. Invoke your ingenuity without apology. Then educate the market on your product; teach them why they must use your product and share it with the neighbors.



Leaders are customer focused
Customer focus
  1. Remain customer focused

Industry leaders aim to win the hearts of their clients. Your market will not compromise their taste for a low-quality product so make a great product.

So, after supplying, follow up and appreciate the client. When they know you care, they will give you genuine feedback. That is what you will use to make the product better. Don’t forget that the product is for them not yours to keep.


  1. Seek and stalk a mentor

Social media has become the best place to look for a mentor. Now that you are NOT seeking for someone to chitchat with, begin at LinkedIn. If you are a keen member, you will come across the profiles of dudes that can mentor you.

A great number of the sharp guys in your industry parade their profiles there. As you study their profiles, go a step further and ask Uncle Google for more gossip. Lady luck might share even their family details and daily habits. (wink)


I fell in love with the idea of running my own business after reading Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and digging out his life. For the next two years, I dug and stalked Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki to the point of knowing their families. This year, I’m stalking Brian Tracy. I know he is my Mom’s age mate. Kinda makes me dig him more. The big picture is to get several face-to-face coaching sessions with him. (Weird but wise) Thank me later.


  1. Partner with people who can do what you can’t.

If accounting isn’t your thing, have an expert tackle it for you. You can outsource it so that you focus on what matters; growing and becoming the industry leader in your field.

Even when you are tempted to bring in a former classmate, unless he is bringing in a complimenting talent, don’t do it. Aim for quality, not quantity.


Before you become the industry leader in your target field, realize that others have been there before you. You intend to dethrone them. Understand that they won’t take it kindly so don’t rest upon reaching the pinnacle. You must keep growing, keep creating, keep consulting and most of all keep watching the market’s reaction to your product. That is the way to get to become the industry leader and retain the position.

I would like to hear your thoughts on how you plan to become the industry leader in your field. Regardless of the field you are in, you can become the household name. Share your thoughts…. #EarsItching2Hear

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