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Are you struggling to make money in your business while everyone else seems to have a magic pill that brings more money to them? Why aren’t you experiencing that extreme success in your business?


If you are from Africa or have lived in Africa, you must have heard the theory, ‘If you want to make money, you need to engage witchcraft in your business.’


Well, maybe that is true, or not.

What I know is true is that, there are a vast majority of people whose businesses are thriving without witchcraft. These people are just like you and me but have a relationship with money that you don’t. I call it, the money story.


Is Making Money The Purpose of Your Business?

Your money story is made up of the beliefs you have collected through various life experiences about money. These beliefs hinder or propel your ability to run your business profitably. It affects the way you handle yourself, employees, clients and suppliers.


As for your business, its purpose is to acquire and retain your clients PROFITABLY. That is, getting new clients, retaining them, serving them satisfactorily and making a profit in every transaction as you meet your clients’ needs. Meaning, money is part of your business equation.


So, What is Your Money Story?

Your money story can either be external or internal.

An external money story has you assuming that fate decides whether your business will progress or not. In that case, you blame the politics of the day regarding the shortage of clients. You feel powerless in your ability to solve your clients’ problems at a profit. Instead, you feel that you are inadequate to solve their problems even when you have the product in your hands.



While mentoring young people in business, I ask them to write down their weekly goals stating how much money they want to make every week for the next say 4 months. Most tell me, ‘Oh no, it is up to the client to come and buy. You see I can’t force them to come, can I?’


Of course you can’t force them to buy from you. But you can build up the confidence to go out and ask them to. You can speak to every possible neighbor about your product and win them to your business. Can’t you?

The founder of Ford Motors, Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you are right”. It is totally up to you!


On The Flip Side

An internal money story has you accepting responsibility over the profitability of your business. It means you believe that you must win hence you are committed to doing everything it takes legally to make it work. You plan, prepare and adjust systems in your business for profit making.


Do You Deserve The Money?

Speaking to a lady whose 15-year old son was taking my business mentorship program last month, she told me that I was pushing him too much. She insisted that the business wasn’t all about money; instead he needed to understand the business. I had asked him to go out and talk to two or three clients about his business, and make a transaction from that. The mom felt that the task was too big for him.


My argument was, since he already understood what his business was all about, the next best thing was to go out and tell the world one client at a time. But he needed to keep money in the equation. The target clients needed to know that he was offering a service at a fee. Without it, his service would seem like charity.

That’s when I noticed that the lady’s money story was clouded with FEAR.

extreme success in your business

When your money story is internal, you deal with the fear head on. You don’t wait for the target client to come to you or even ask you the price of your product; you take the battle to the gates!


You focus on the cause; going out and fetching the clients. Tell your clients that you have the solution to their specific problem. You make them understand that you will let them have the solution in exchange for a reward called MONEY.


You must ACT with conviction from the inside belief that you deserve the reward. Shying away is giving in to fear and that will drop your business like a brick!


Your internal money story propels to you make contact target clients with courage and are happy to receive the reward. Money is a part and parcel of your business equation. So reshape your relationship with money first and you will experience extreme success in your business.


7 Steps To Experiencing Extreme Success In Your Business

I believe you now know what your money story is by now. Would you like to retrain your mind, change your money story and make your business rock?

Here are the 7 steps to guide you to your success:

  1. Evaluate how you speak about money. If your best friend spoke to you the way you speak about money, would you keep them?
  2. Take your business to your clients as a matter of urgency. Go out and tell them that you exist to solve their problem.
  3. Never leave money out of your business equation. It doesn’t like being locked out, so bring it in.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are making more money than you are. There is a lot you can learn from them.
  5. Retrain your brain to change your money story. Sign up for Winning The Game of Money program. It is the best in the market.
  6. Give up habits that slow down the growth of your business. That could range from the way you talk about your business, handling money with fear and laziness. It is one thing to learn, it is another to ACT.
  7. Remind yourself daily that you have a millionaire mindset, ready to shift your business into a place of abundance.

It is boring to have a stagnating business; but with a new money story, you are ready for extreme success. Not only will your business rock, but your life too. It all begins with training the most powerful asset in your system – your mind. That is where your money story begins and your business success is. So, what will it be for you?


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Magdalene Kamau

Also known as My_Darling, is a ghostwriter, storyteller and a talent evangelist who advocates for turning talents and passions into products of service to others while making profit while at it. Facebook | Blog

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