10 Commandments For A Successful Laptop Lifestyle

Living a laptop lifestyel


Do you wish you had more to your life than having to work in the same office every day?

Majority of office worker today wish they could work from anywhere. It’s natural to wish for freedom. This is how office independent jobs a.k.a laptop lifestyle, began. 


Scientific studies show that your performance is relative to your surroundings. Consider this; every time you walk into an environment that lifts your spirit, you are at peace, your creativity increases and begin to see more possibilities.

What environment would help increase your productivity?


Untethered Lifestyle

Many freelance jobs available today inspire the laptop lifestyle; serving your clients from anywhere. Consider jobs such as transcription, graphic design, data entry, article writing, survey jobs, website and software development. As long as you have a laptop, access the Internet and a service to offer, you are good to go.

With so many organization outsourcing jobs to freelancers, the laptop lifestyle could be your breakthrough.


How does enjoying the morning breeze in an open space while sipping your coffee as you code your mobile application sound to you?

How about designing a newsletter while listening to your favorite music with your best headphones on at your favorite coffee shop?

Would these raise your productivity?


Guideline To Increasing Your Productivity While Living A Laptop Lifestyle


Mnkafe restaurant's client (somewhere in Africa)


Having freed yourself from the four corners of your office, the next best thing you could do is give your clients superior products. This calls for discipline in the way you run your business daily.

These 10 commandments will help you maximize your productivity with your newly acquired freedom.


  1. Plan your day

Knowing what you will venture into for the next 24 hours is key to the success of your business. The fact that you won’t report to anyone’s office isn’t a reason why you should inconvenience your clients. You’ve got responsibilities to take care of.


Consider writing all the activities you need to do in a journaling book. This could help tracking down what you have done and what’s pending. List down what you need to do during the day and later in the week. Then analyze the list on impact and profitability basis.


If you promised your client to submit an assignment at a specific time, allocate ample time to do it.

This is the first thing you do when you rise up. It should include your routine activities, clients’ jobs and breaks.

Remember to provide slots for jobs that you get later; they always show up.


  1. Obey yourself

What good will planning do if you can’t action your plans?

Don’t be surprised if you become uninterested to stick to the plan at the start; push yourself to obey. Slice the activities into smaller chucks that will entice your brain into allocating power to complete such.


It may take time to get used to sticking to your plan, but when the day is over and you have ticked off at 90% of your activities, you’ll be glad you stuck.

Would the thought of one happy client singing your praises or understanding a concept you planned to study excite you? Then act!


  1. Reward yourself

Obedience invites rewards, right?

Every time you complete a task, celebrate. You could give yourself a smiley against the task or a bar of chocolate!


The idea here is to appreciate yourself for obeying your own instructions. Be your own colleague and give yourself a hi-5 when you hit your target regardless of how small it is. Celebrating increases your desire to achieve more because your efforts have been recognized.


  1. Listen to concentration music

Listening to music soothes your brain, helping you to relax, meditate, work faster and even inspire you during workout.Innercise, retrain and activate your brain with music

Suitable music for the laptop lifestyle should address your subconscious mind. You could get such from YouTube by searching for ‘study music with alpha waves’ or ‘Concentration music for working faster’. Such will increase your brain power and helps you focus on what you are doing.


You need quality headphones to block out external noise. Keep the volume low enough so that the music feels like its playing from above your eyes. Try it, you won’t notice the music, but will be drawn into your work.

Check out for a good set of headphones from Ebay, Amazon or your local electronic store.


  1. Equip yourself

While living the laptop lifestyle only demands a laptop and internet, you may want to add a few more things for your comfort.

Have your laptop’s power and extension cable, USB cable, water to drink, 2” brush or wipes to clean your laptop. The list gets longer depending on where you choose to work from; so PLAN ahead before you venture out.


  1. Practice Intuitive Eating

Do you prefer eating when all your day’s tasks are done? That reduces your productivity.Intuitive eating

Like working from an office, the laptop lifestyle engages your brain to the maximum; demanding energy. If you work for long hours without food, you may find your concentration diminishing. Intuitive eating means listening to your body and mind for the kind of food they need.


Coffee isn’t crucial; replacing it with lemon or orange juice will do you good. A cup of drinking chocolate feels like a reward for chocolate lovers. The idea here is to eat what your body asks for in the portions that will satisfy both the stomach and the mind.

Consider a sandwich made of brown bread, tomato slices, onion rings, avocado, spinach, a splash of vinegar and your favorite sauce with juice or hot chocolate. Thank me later.


  1. Take inspirational breaks

When you take a break from work, which you should, do something inspirational. You could speak to a friend, check up your social media channels, take a walk, swim or watch a movie. Whatever you choose should lift your spirits up!


Breaks don’t have to be after completing a task; you can rest because you are tired or need to refocus. I prefer watching a movie with a lot of green scenery. Such increase my desire to work and give better results to my clients. The Hallmark channel has plenty of those. Try it out.


  1. Have some me-time

Do you feel guilty when you are not working?

There is more to life than work so do things that have nothing to do with work. Do You.


Have some days when you treat yourself to adventures that will help you relax and have fun. You could visit or go out with friends, clean up your house, shop till you drop or sleep. The idea is to change your scenery as much as you can.


Stay away from the laptop for a whole day doing things you would do if you didn’t have to work. These are your rewards for being a good girl/boy. (Wink)


  1. Invest in continuous growth

Your productivity demands constant studying to improve your knowledge in various fields.

While you may be the guru in your niche, keep up to date with matters close to what you do.


There are a variety of masterclasses that you could participate in online. Most take about 1 hour and are rich with information that will help you run your business better. Consider taking programs address handling money; besides, you can’t take it out of the business equation.


  1. Give unto others

Do you want to prosper in your laptop lifestyle? Show others how to succeed in this business.

At first, you may not feel competent. But when you have received results, show others how you did it.

You could start with sharing your work on social media. Those likes you get on Facebook will translate to, ‘How do you do this?’ Arrange for a free class to give a taste of your lifestyle and use that time to advertise the premium class; that’s business for you.


Accepting your uniqueness calls for you to find the most suitable workplace for maximum productivity. It doesn’t have to please everybody; the results will speak on your behalf. Living the laptop lifestyle could be the much needed icing on your cake.

Be careful to obey these commandments and you shall prosper


Are you living a laptop lifestyle? Share your set of commandments with my audience.


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