Everyone is offering a Christmas giveaway; a tradition Kenyans observe every year. Have you been to Kenyan towns lately? You would think Christmas happens only in Kenya!

Unlike other end year holidays, this holiday has come with a pack of blessings. And a few painful curses. The school-going children have been at home since the beginning of November. That is a double-sided blessing. Parents have had to spend more to entertain their kids. Kids have been mischievous. But the truth is, they have been helping around in the house, haven’t they?


Now that is a true Christmas giveaway from the Ministry of Education; thanks to CS. Fred Matiangi.


A Tight Christmas Giveaway from the Exam Center

Millions of Robots e-book
Have you noticed that the examination results came up earlier than usual?

Earlier on, KCPE results came after Christmas day. The parents whose kids sat for the end-of-primary school exams managed to celebrate with ease. KCSE results came in February of the following year. You couldn’t ask for more, would you?

Why is this year, 2017 so different?

Christmas came earlier than expected. This is why I want to give everybody a special Christmas giveaway. With such a large number of students earning a grade D in their final high school exams, I had to.

Over the last two days, you may have heard parents lamenting that their kids failed KCSE. They feel cheated by their own kids and the 8-4-4 system they believed in. The investment they made paying their kids’ school fees went to waste.

This is my letter to every parent. It is also a Christmas giveaway meant for those whose children scored low marks.


They Failed in One Way Not Every Way

Dear Parent whose child got a D or E in KCSE,

Before your reprimand your child and send them to their grandparents, let’s talk.

This child is a gift from God. You didn’t deserve them; they are a present to you from above.
Your child didn’t get a grade A, B or C. That doesn’t make them stupid. Do you care that they are bright in a different way?

A renowned author and Motivational Speaker, Brian Tracy didn’t graduate in high school. He even failed in English while in High School yet he has published over 70 books. What does that say about your child?

Consider getting my Christmas giveaway for yourself. It is a book I wrote about valuing your child’s talent over the glorified grade A. That D-student is your child. They need you. That is why I want you to read this book so that you can understand that your child has a different gift. Don’t force them to be like those who got a grade A. Yours is different; treat them as such.


There are seven things you should consider after you collect my Christmas giveaway:


  1. Discuss with your child what they want to venture in. Refer to their previous performance and what they are passionate about.

  2. Make sure they are pursuing their dreams, not yours. If you are not living your dream life, don’t force them to live up to your failed dreams.

  3. Look for successful people who are in that field to mentor them. They don’t have to be billionaires or politicians. Your next door neighbour may be one of them.

  4. Do a close follow up on their performance in attaining the needed knowledge. You must monitor how they perform in their desired field.

  5. Don’t play the devil’s advocate just because your child’s choice is different from yours. Support them in every possible way to make their dreams come true. If they have creative abilities, help them. “Run your art like a true entrepreneur” is a timely guide for this.

  6. Speak encouraging words to them; they already feel bad about failing. Don’t make it worse. You may not believe in positive affirmations, but every negative word you speak to them dethrones them. Pull them up with your words.

  7. Consider technical colleges over universities. The latter are more hands-on. You may not have wanted this option. It doesn’t look smart. But if you are keen, most of your daily service providers went to technical colleges. Aren’t they making a life out of it? Think about your car mechanic, carpenter, the musician whose music you listen to. Ask me about it. I have been there, done that.


Your child is special in their own way. Stop comparing them with others. Having said that, the Christmas giveaway meant for you is only valid until the end of this year. Get it now.



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