7 Quick Nuggets That Will Make Designing Your Dream Lifestyle Easy

Having it all

How far have you gone in designing your dream lifestyle? Did you give up with the first roadblock? Or maybe, you don’t have a problem living by default?

What if you could start all over again with a guarantee of winning, would you do it today?


Despite attending myriads of workshops, seminars, motivational speaking engagements and having a mentor or coach, you feel stuck. None of your great ideas have borne fruit. You have no business to show for it, no investment in place and even the job you have is a shaky ground. You feel like your life is on autopilot and you have no control over what comes in or goes out.


Does this sound familiar?

Having great ideas backed up with the necessary skills and inspiration means nothing until you ACT. And even when you act, your guarantee of success is tied to your tenacity. That stubborn desire to come back again and again after life punches you on your face is what you need.


Getting new clients and learning how to retain them despite the departure your biggest client. Investing in new businesses even after your last has collapsed leaving you in debts. Buying shares in upcoming companies where your research informs you to go ahead. This is tenacity redefined.

Great ideas + Skills + Inspiration + ACTION + TENACITY = Your Desired Lifestyle.


Designing Your Dream Lifestyle Because You Can Have It All

Ideas alone won’t pay your bills leave alone assure you of the vacation you long for. They can’t give you the life you desire but will linger around long enough to show you people who have put them into use. You have to design the ideas into a profitable business or investment. Then and only then will you be able to tackle your bucket list of places you want to visit and things you want to do.


Yes, you can have it all; your dream lifestyle isn’t far from you. You only need to commit to executing these 7 nuggets to design it.


  1. Picture precision

Beach house dreamWhat exactly does it look like?


To begin designing your dream lifestyle, you must know its contents for sure. Start by forming a mental picture of your dream lifestyle.


What’s in it?

Draw it and scribble the numbers and words involved without order at first. Note the colors, dimensions, people, location; every detail that comes to mind about the kind of life you want to live.


Then order your scribbled work so that it makes sense to you and anyone else who you may need to make it happen.


Why is this necessary?

It will help you recognize your desired state when it finally comes to being. You will also have something to tweak your ideas to. This is your guide. It will give you direction while setting up components to support your desired lifestyle.


Such components may include, setting up a business, buying investments, offering consultancy services or partnering with people. They will provide you with the money you need to live the life you want.

You need to identify your true innermost goals and create an unshakable roadmap for achieving them now.

Achievement: You have started designing your dream lifestyle with the end goal in mind.


  1. Defining paths

State various ways through which you can make the dream lifestyle come true.

If you choose to put up a business, you may need to raise capital, prepare your product for the market and look for clients. The end product is a great business.


For each of the activities involved, list up to 30 ways you can achieve it; one way for each day. If you need capital to create a prototype of your product, state 30 different ways you can raise the capital.


These would include offering your skills to people who need them, getting loans and borrowing money from friends. If you can become a stand-up comedian at a local inn, offer the services and raise the capital. State all the wacky ideas that come to mind. You will need them.

Do the same goes for building your prototype and reaching the market.


Why do you need 30 different ways?

When one plan fails, you will still have 29 to go. Take time off your busy schedule and think through the whole list. You will be tempted to stop at the 3rd idea; don’t stop. When the temptation encroaches your mind whisper to yourself, “(your name) STOP STOPPING!”


Call out as if you are warning someone who is hesitant to knock at a door or slowing down a hallway. Keep writing all the great and wacky ideas; you never know which one will work out.

Achievement: You have eliminated chances running out of ideas to design your dream lifestyle.


  1. Accountability partner

There is a tendency to feel that you need to keep your plans secret. Your idea here maybe to avoid shame in case your plan doesn’t materialize. That is fear governing you. You have to let the fear go!


How do you win the game of fear?

Speak out. Tell someone what you are about to do and let them hold you accountable for it. Let them know you have given them permission to follow you up on this. Give the follow up plan so that they know what questions to ask. That should include your seasonal targets.


Don’t let fear deceive you that your accountability partner will steal your ideas. That is what fear is meant to do; hold you back. Every time such thoughts come to your mind you could say,

“Thanks for serving me, but I choose to carry on for now.”

Achievement: You have someone to answer to.

  1. Action Your List

work your dream lifestyle
Get into action

You have done plenty of planning so far; that should give you the inspiration to begin. Start working on each item on the list. Find out which one works fast and which one needs more effort.

Put more effort on the easy items. They’ll bring you closer to the desired end. The others are a fail-safe mechanism; use them when the last fails.


If several items on your list fail, you may feel discouraged and your desire to try the next confronted with, ‘What if it doesn’t work like the last?’

Answer such thoughts immediately with, “What if it does?”


Why do you need to do this?

The desire to lean on history holds you back from designing your dream lifestyle. Yes, others failed, but that doesn’t mean you stop; it is your license to try again another way. You still other items on the list; use them.

Achievement: You have exited autopilot and started working on your dream lifestyle.

  1. Note The Action

Write down the actions taken and their outcome for every item tested from your list.


Why keep notes?

You and your accountability partner will use them to evaluate your progress. You will know what works and what doesn’t, what needs improvement and what is ready-for-use.

Achievement: You have written down your life story to mentor yourself and others with.

  1. Stay On Course

No matter how many times you come across roadblocks, persevere. Building a tenacious mindset is vital for your success in designing your dream lifestyle.


Remember when you were younger and wanted something from someone older? You cried, kicked and rolled on the ground for it. In the end, you got it. Why not do the same now?

Or have you grown too old and uninterested to want something good for yourself?


How will you maintain the tenacity?

Remind yourself of one childhood incident where you got what you wanted by ‘fighting’ for it. Does it make you smile? It may feel silly now, but it made you happy then. The dream lifestyle you want today, will one day feel silly. Wear that silly smile and do everything legal to get what you want.

When you achieve a portion of it, reward yourself.

Achievement: You found a reason to stay on course and you are applying it.

  1. Eliminate Excuses

Eliminate excuses
Banish your fear

What suggestions or items have you left unattended in your list and why? Regardless of how valid you feel your reasons are, if you didn’t attempt them, they are just excuses.


You can’t say that something isn’t going to work unless you have tried several times and failed. So, every time you catch yourself saying, ‘I can’t do that’, ask yourself,

‘Do I mean I can’t or I WON’T do it?’


More often than not, you don’t want to do it.

By saying, ‘I can’t’, you surrender your authority to fear and try to seek sympathy from people around you. Not because you deserve it, but because you feel you are too weak to do it.


But when you own up and take back your authority to design your dream lifestyle, you say, ‘I won’t’. It is clear then you have made the decision not to carry on with the suggestion. When you say, ‘I can’, you summon your brain to look for solutions to handle the suggestions given.

Having a mentor or a business coach will help you identify such excuses and deal with them.


What do you need to do in the face of excuses?

Become your No. 1 cheerleader and declare, ‘I can’. By admitting your power, possible solutions will align themselves with your declaration.

Achievement: Your conviction that you can have it all will bring you what you need. Yes You Can!

The truth is, even after reading this article; you still feel the need to have someone else confirm your ability to live your life by design. The default thing to do is to return to autopilot and let someone else make the hard decisions for you. So you choose not to start that business, save money for an investment or offer your skills as a consultant as a side job. You forfeit your desire to travel, work from home, have a beautiful family or build a business your children will one day inherit. You have made your choices.

I wouldn’t have written this article if I didn’t know you, like many others can design your dream lifestyle. It is now up to you to decide whether you will have it all or have half your life. My advice to you is to identify your innermost goals and create an unshakable roadmap to achieving them using this program.


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