Have I caught the procrastination flu?

“I don’t feel like writing today. How about I write tomorrow?” 

It seems like it. So I’m pushing myself to write this article. It’s going to be 2000 words at most. Reason being, I still don’t feel like writing but it’s been over a month so, I have to write- for me. (I have been writing for other people a.k.a trading my time for money- talk of addiction to Upwork jobs) It seems like I forgot about you a little.

Let’s discuss a few areas where procrastination- bug bit us. Well I’ll have to use myself as the guinea pig. The idea here is, to list the number of things I have been delaying to do. By doing so, I will have reported myself to my highest authority- Me. It is the best way to find out why you are where you are.

Shall I do it later?

By so doing, I (and I hope you) will begin to do something about the list. My list isn’t in any particular order. So, let’s get this game started!

Behold, My Procrastination List

  1. Getting in touch with my writing clients

I haven’t contacted the two ladies I was training in writing. Under normal circumstances I give my mentees two weeks to implement and then we connect. Following them up feels like I’m pushing them hence lack of commitment on their side. Two months down the line I wonder if they are interested in the program.

  1. Completing my Writers’ Manual

Could this have caused No. 1? I wonder. I wrote up to chapter three of the Writers’ manual and snoozed. I felt that the best way to write the next chapter was by first coaching on chapter 3. Since I didn’t coach on the chapter, I haven’t added any info into it.

  1. Completing my Business Mentorship guide

Procrastination is the cousin of excuses, listen to this one. When my last client didn’t pay, I convinced myself that I didn’t need to work on the guide because I hadn’t received the reward I deserved. Who is fooling who now?

  1. Exiting unnecessary WhatsApp groups Are your habits killing your business?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left those groups you are pulled into without your permission? Especially if the work that was meant to be done is long completed? Think of the fund-raising or wedding planning groups you are in. Is your presence there still viable? Free up your phone’s memory – and your mind’s too.

  1. Arranging my bookshelf

I wish I could post a photo of my bookshelf but the clutter is too much to fit in the camera (sic). I wonder what I’m afraid of.

  1. Getting rid of clothes that I no longer use

How many of those over stretched t-shirts are in my wardrobe? I’ve lost count. Not to mention the old pairs of shoes. Not even a beggar would want those.

  1. Disposing my old photocopier

This machine was bought in 2006 and I haven’t been able to use it for the last one year. I’ve wanted to give it out for free to anyone who may want to use it. Are you wondering why I haven’t put a notice on Facebook? Me too.

  1. Arranging my former work desk

I use it once in a while; not as often as I use to because it faces the wall not the door.

Feng Shui at work… Sitting while facing the wall made me feel like a prisoner- not like the boss I am.

  1. Finish reading the book of the month

I have two books I’m reading at the moment; Instinct by T.D. Jakes (Did you know T stood for Thomas?) and The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. The latter is a small book overflowing with practical wisdom. You could read it in 3 days while making notes.

Keep going; don’t delay

  1. Investing in shares

It might sound old fashioned but I’m no young girl either. George Clason suggests saving a tenth of everything you earn. He says, ‘A tenth of everything I earn is mine to keep’.

And this tenth should make you rich if you invest it in a way that it will bear children. The children are your slaves too, they will bring you more wealth!

  1. Making YouTube videos on business

I haven’t made a video this year despite doing it consistently last year. Reason, I felt discouraged when I didn’t get many views. Seriously? Who gets a million views from less than 50 videos?

  1. Creating podcasts

Every morning during shower time, I get a hint of an issue I should address and give my own opinion. Guess what I do after that? NOTHING. (Guilty of slowing down the world’s economy).

  1. Writing a book to my sons

I’ve been toying with this idea of writing a book to my three sons- all stolen without the knowledge of their mothers. The problem is, I typed the first page of the book on my phone, then I went to watch other women’s sons playing football during FIFA WORLD CUP. (Shaking my head – shame on me)

  1. Compile my spoken word pieces into an album

I’m a woman of many gifts; spoken word is but one of them. Despite knowing an album would serve a lot of people around the world – you included, I haven’t done anything about it.

  1. Create my show reel

With so many gifts bestowed upon me; motivational speaking, coaching, poetry and writing, having a show reel about the services I can offer comes in handy. That would help me market myself further. Oh, I recently discovered that I make a great MC too 🙂 !

  1. Restructure this website

Here is the mother of all stupidity!

When I didn’t have a custom website, I wished and prayed to have one. But now that I have it, I keep postponing the monetization aspect of it.

Among the things I know I should do but – haven’t done, is place an intro video in my home page. Now you see where the YouTube videos come in, right?

  1. Learn affiliate marketing and put it into use

This is a no brainier. Now that I own this website, promoting other people’s products would create some passive income for me. Then I wouldn’t have to trade my time for money like I’ve been. Why on earth am I wasting this resource?

  1. Prepare the trainings I desire to conduct

In his book, ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’, George Clason says, ‘Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.’ Meaning, if I desire to train a group of people, (I do), I must be ready with the lesson. I must conduct the ground work to see what they need and create the lesson. I must also visit them and propose to them about the training.

When I have the material ready, I will be in a better position to attract the job I desire than when I don’t.

  1. Print my book and branded bottles for my monthly events.

Every month I meet entrepreneurs from my city in an event called, Stories of Significance. Being an author, this is an opportunity for me to showcase my items; Millions of Robots and my branded water bottle whose printing has been postponed for the last 5 months. (Shaking my head – again)

  1. Conduct interviews for people I’ve mentored

Does it surprise you that I planned to interview my mentees and other young people I know but put away the idea because one girl turned me down? The idea was to create videos from such interviews and share them to encourage others. What a waste? I’m doing the world some serious injustice!

Imagine what my life would be if I allocated time to do each one of these things? How many lives would I impact? English writer and social critic, Charles Dickens once said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Evidently, I have sold my time to no-good. And I’m getting nothing but regret for it. Procrastination is a waste of my life; you can see that from my list. So much wealth is flowing under my life’s bridge and it is time to fish it out and get it done. I have to act on each item, one per day.

Do you have the courage to create your procrastination list?  It’s a new year after all, what’s the worst that can possibly happen? – Surprise yourself, and share it in the comment section below!

People who care always share!


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