Jobless? Your Inborn Gift Holds The Keys to Fine Riches

Like Eliud Kipchoge the world’s greatest marathoner, everyone wants to become the GOAT in a certain field, gain fame and rake in fine riches. You should too, with your inborn gift. A trip back to Bible’s Old Testament days when a man’s inborn gift traded for a beautiful princess may just expose the secret. It’s story time!

But first, tell me. If you had a school assignment requiring you to tame the vengeance-seeking retired hitman, John Wick, who among Joshua, David and Abraham would you choose as your mentor?

As much as the other two had history of capturing enemies and making good soup out of them, David brought down the giant, Goliath; the older version John Wick –Baba Yaga. That’s a gift!

But that wasn’t the only sensational side of his gifts; David’s intimate relationship with his harp landed him an long-term entertainment deal with King Saul. The instrument’s strings adhered to his fingers’ moves with absolute surrender. With a few rich evening jazz numbers, David tamed the tsar’s spirit.

Imagine being that fellow King Saul’s messengers ring whenever the king’s moods go berserk. This only happens when you believe in the power of your inborn gift and use it to serve people around you with it. Eliud Kipchoge displayed the same belief when he ran through 42.2Km in less than 2 hours taming the INEOS 1:59 Challenge on Saturday, October 12 2019 in Austria. With his gift, he demonstrated that no human is limited.

You, Eliud Kipchoge and David have one thing in common; an inborn gift. What makes the two outstanding while you are left standing outside the riches bracket?

Back to the Beginning…

You won’t believe this, but every inborn gift has a habit of originating from far-flung residences. Think about it; humble bathrooms birth magnificent musicians, makeshift kitchens bear celebrated chefs and street corners world-class motivational speakers.

In comes David, his first wrestling arena was Bethlehem’s grazing plains. No coach. No referee. No towel boys. Just the young shepherd, his father’s sheep and hungry lions and bears.  

But David believed he could not only scare away predators, but also fight them and win. His gift, a daring spirit that refused to back down any kind of war gave him the guts to snatch a lamb from a lion’s mouth. I would like to call this kind of spirit, the gift of courage.

I can almost hear David swearing at the lion, “Danm it Lion, you can’t have my lamb. I will get it off your mouth and have you eat grass for dinner!

Isn’t it the same inborn gift that enabled David to stand against that uncircumcised Philistine named Goliath who taunted the Israelites day and night?

A walk down the memory lane should shed more light, shall we?

David didn’t show up at the battle field with the gift of strumming the harp. No. Neither would Tony Robbins present hours of stand-up comedy jokes at a business mastery program. The audience and purpose would conflict. So David armed himself the gift of courage and demanded for Goliath’s head from it.

This is what went down that day.

First, his gift of courage refused to hide behind a manmade helmet. It refused to pick the blacksmith’s designer spear and turned down the protection of an experienced soldier’s shield. Instead, this courage convinced David of his ability to take down the proud giant the shepherd-style right before the eyes of two warring armies; Philistines and Israelites.

Then the shepherd-turned-soldier armed himself with the crudest weapons of mass destruction; five smooth stones in a small bag, a sling and a stick! Who goes to fight a 9 feet 9 inches tall giant with such weapons?

Sounds like fighting a hitman with a pencil; something only someone with the genetic make-up of John Wick would do. Otherwise, lame.

But to David, the five smooth stones in his shepherd’s bag weren’t his major weapon. Neither was the stick or sling in his hand. His true weapon was his belief in his courage. This belief propelled him to confront the gigantic problem shouting curses before him.

Having been polished in Bethlehem’s grazing field arena, this gift of courage caused David’s heart to pump new adrenaline throughout his body. It instructed his hands to prepare the sling, his feet to walk down the valley and his mouth to declare war to Goliath.

His fingers chose the finest rock from his bag, plugged one end of the sling on his pointing finger and the other between the same finger and the thumb. He found a central point in the sling’s pocket and placed the chosen rock in it, cast his eyes upon the erring giant, took a deep breath and began to swing the sling over his head.

Round one; slow-but-sweet paced. Round two; the sling gained momentum. Round three; vroom! Vroom!

David’s tongue moistened. He drowned the gathering saliva down his praising throat. Before the giant could count four, David set free the end of the sling tugged between his pointing finger and the thumb sending the fine rock flying through the battlefield’s war-stuffed air. With unchallenged accuracy, the freed rock drilled a deathly hole through the giant’s forehead just as David had seen it do in a mental picture drawn a few minutes earlier.

The spectators stared at Goliath with baited breath. Would the giant come down crumbling? Was his strength a match for the well-flung rock from the shepherd’s wild arms?

The Philistines eyes widened with fear. Their muscles gave in to intense shiver as they watched their all-time hero’s humongous body lose touch with reality. The giant’s heart bled with the shame of being struck by the little rock. His feet gave up strength as his mouth gasped for a fresh scoop of air, he felt his body begin to float.

“Damn it! The little mite got me!”

His mighty pride went up forcing his enormous body to surrender to the force of gravity and his bleeding head came down with a great thud!

Israel soldiers’ jaws dropped. But as reality hit them, shouts of joy ensued as they watched their misery lay dead before them. The courage-filled shepherd with less than a day’s battlefield experience had done what they had failed to do for days.

Courage then motioned David towards Goliath’s fallen body as the last hint of life ebbed out. He stood over helpless the mass, drew the giant’s designer sword and chopped off his head as he had promised a few minutes earlier.

Can you smell the powerful aroma of believing in the gift of courage filling the valley now?

Winning Riches with Your Inborn Gift

believe in your gift quote

With the trouble-making giant slain, Israel’s soldiers dropped their fear-gowns and pursued the terrified Philistines miles away from the valley. The camp of the freeing enemies were plundered and a fair number of them slain on that day. Victory pronounced!

On their way back from the victorious venture, David’s rain of riches began to fall. As Israelites went to present their newly founded warrior to King Saul, excitement filled the air. Their women entered the streets to meet the king with songs and dances, hence the later-to-be illegal anthem.

“Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands!”

Holy Bible (1 Samuel 18:7)

But you would agree with me that the victory, songs and dances qualify for riches birthed by a gift whose bearer believed in, wouldn’t you?

Add to the riches package a loving princess for a wife. King Saul later let Michal his second daughter marry David whom she loved, making him the king’s son-in-law. The bride price, two hundred Philistine’s foreskins!

I understand picturing King Saul’s men counting foreskins isn’t your forte, but the next sentence isn’t so difficult. The day’s CNN replaying the victory clip, Israel’s flag flying higher than usual and Google changing the search page’s emblem to David’s face.

So, Where Did Your Inborn Gift Come From?

In mind comes three questions, did you earn it? Do you deserve it? Can you claim it?

It is said that everyone born of a woman comes installed with at least 550 gifts at birth; a good reason why Eliud Kipchoge insisted that ‘No human is limited.’

So no, you didn’t earn your gift, neither did Kipchoge. No, you don’t deserve it, neither did David. And no, you can’t cry over it to claim ownership. These gifts are given to you by Someone. They are your Maker’s way of ensuring you have enough tools to serve your fellow mankind so that you are without excuse.

When you receive a gift, the next best thing to do is to show gratitude; first, by saying ‘Thank you’ to the giver, then by taking good care of it. Care includes using it to create riches as you serve other people.

But do you know?

Many people are stuck in poverty because they refuse to use their inborn gifts to rise to whom they are supposed to be and appreciate the gift’s Origin.

Magdalene Kamau-Otieno

They fear unveiling these gifts because they lack faith in the Giver’s ability to sustain them.

How about you, do you second guess your gift saying, “Maybe public speaking isn’t for me” because you are intimidated by Lisa Nichols’ prowess in incorporating storytelling in her speech?

Understand this,

Lisa believes in her gift of speech and has faith in the Maker’s ability to fuel it every time she goes on stage to deliver a speech. Therefore, she motivates the masses, every time!

Your Maker didn’t give you the gift so you can hide it inside a glass box in your bedroom. It was given to you to use it. And if you aren’t using it and now are jobless, don’t blame it on your Maker. It’s not His fault. It’s yours. Because you have chosen to suffocate it with your unbelief. To kill it and send it back to the Maker unused.

Such a disgrace!

What then?

Yes you didn’t ask for that inborn gift. And yes you don’t deserve it. But you are guilty of not using it.

You see, gifts can’t exist in void, they need a body. Again they can’t stay alive without belief. The gift of courage had to live in David’s system. The gift of plucking the harp had to find its way through his heart to his fingers. He didn’t ask for the gifts; they existed in his genes before he knew them or what to do with them. So on discovering them from within, he believed in them, had faith in his Giver and exploited them in service of fellow mankind. For this, David became rich!

Same story goes for the gift of endurance in Eliud Kipchoge. His belief in the ability to run a little longer without giving in to fatigue won him recognition by Guiness World Records on the Fastest Marathon (male) and the First Marathon Distance Run Under 2 hours!

Where does that live your inborn gift?

Now that you have discovered your golden voice, will you believe in its ability to entertain the masses? Will you let it cheer people’s hearts or will you shut your mouth with fear and choke it?

Would you rather remain jobless than set that precious inborn gift free to serve its purpose?

Listen to me friend; believing in your gift gives you the vibe to begin polishing it. Inhale belief and exhale doubt; that will resuscitate it. The more belief you inhale, the more you will overcome the fear of using your inborn gift and discover different ways of using it.

Belief is the differentiating factor between a star performer and a joker who gets booed by the crowd.

So, don’t doubt your inborn gift. Don’t treat it like a second class citizen in your body or the child or a lesser god. And never refer to it as ‘just a hobby’. It is your life’s purpose.

Preparing Your Inborn Gift For Service

But before you can use it, do you know exactly what that gift is?

Writing? Speaking? Singing? Mentoring? Listening? Facing giants?

All inborn gifts show up dressed in humble-wear and require cleaning, polishing and drying in the sun before use. And you can’t do any of these without believing in them. Not the full-moon belief at first, but a good enough measure to keep you active through practice; the preparation process.

Remember, every step of preparing your gift for service is mind-numbing, frustrating and terrifying; every bit from stripping off its humble-wear to drying it. And if you dare skip any step, that gift will never attract riches to you. You will remain jobless.

Again, your belief must be persistent and incremental. It must toughen up every day to endure the continuous scowls from relatives who tell you that your gift is but a hobby; it will amount to nothing. Those who give you endless lists of people who dared use their gifts and now are renowned beggars.

That’s when you switch to a higher and stronger belief-gear; the kind that throws a ‘watch-me-do-it’ smile at the discourager as you practice the next line in your poem.

Remember, David didn’t show up unprepared before the king, nor did he face Goliath without intimate knowledge on slaying giants. He prepared behind the curtains for years and only showed up when the concentration of his belief in each inborn gift rose beyond mockery level.

So, how high is your belief in your inborn gifts and does it encourage you to practice more to improve your service-delivery?

Whoever said, ‘Progressive practice makes perfect’ had a point. Today, a trainer can help you polish that golden voice for your dream performance, a coach for your next marathon and an online course for your writing gig.

That doesn’t make the process easier or simpler. You still have to do the dirty job of practicing, auditioning and seeking opportunities to serve. Only then can your inborn gift translate into real riches.

When you believe in your inborn gift and work on it, it grows into your reason for living. It designs a wealthy life for you making you the GOAT in that specific field. Ask any pro near you; Eliud Kipchoge, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins or King David when you get to heaven.

Sharing article saves lives. Please share this information with at least three friends in your circle. When done, leave a comment below telling us if you use your inborn gift as a way of earning a living and if so, how well that is working for you.

Here is your gift for sharing the message: The Guide to Creating a Small Business with Your Inborn Gift. You will love it!

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This is one incredible and soul touching article I have read this year. To be honest it got me connecting with my inner spirit so to rethink if am on track with my gift. Yes I am but the motivating part I have to put in more practice to further perfect me “being a creative chef out of inborn skills”…..
Am inspired to up myself into a celebrity level in my field.
I think this can bring a very positive impact to the new generation having derived examples from a spiritual book and renowned mentors I highly support the good in your article and work. God bless

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