Magdalene: Advocate for inborn talents in Africa

Did you know, inborn talents in Africa are considered an endless natural resource?

Hey, my name is Magdalene, a Talent Evangelist and founder of Fine Wealth. But you can call me Crackajack Snr.

Many people around the world know almost nothing about the vast inborn talents in Africa. They think the continent is flooded with poverty, war, diseases… to an extent of calling the continent dark!

That hurts. So let me set the facts straight.

Africa is a hive of inborn talents

No matter where you look, there’s one unique talent dripping after another. In fact, most Africans are not only multi-talented but are born with talents you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

Most of Africans are multi-talented.

Fine Wealth Facts

But there’s a problem.

Most of Africa’s naturally-occurring talents remain untapped. They lay dormant in their bearers’ reservoirs. That’s why the continent is deemed dark, poor, disease-infested, backward and packed with war.

That’s where Crackajack Snr. comes in. Here is a personal letter from yours truly.

To the world’s most talented people; my fellow Africans.

A lot has been said about what you lack and very little about what you should do about it. So I’m here to make things right.

Yes, I’m here to undress the wealth the world seems unaware lives within you. You see, I’m madly in love with nurturing inborn talents because I believe they are your fine wealth.

Your inborn talents are the only sure way to create the kind of life you desire and deserve. But that life doesn’t float about like oxygen. You and I have to learn how to put our talents into good use and do it. And the surest way to do that is to turn these God-given gifts into products and services for serving our fellow mankind. Reason; those who believe in the power of their talents become rich.

Those who believe in the power of their talents become rich!

Fine Wealth Facts

See, I’m crazy enough to believe earth’s rotations are fueled by well-polished inborn talents put into good use! 

So I get furious when I come across education systems that ignore talents- the most common ailment in Africa. Without fear, I declare such systems manufacturers of Robots!

Millions of Robots e-book: Advocating for inborn talents in Africa

There’s even a book to it.

Get your copy here “Millions of Robots”.

Fine Wealth website exists to help you polish your inborn talent into the gem it was meant to be. This is the only place you will find inspiring articles, videos and podcasts to equip you with the skills you need to glow that talent sleeping deep within you.

My Story: How I use my talents to serve you.

In December 2016, I cleared my Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology and graduated with a first class honors. Then I did the next best thing. I dumped it!


Because I felt there was more to me than speaking code to machines. I knew deep within, I was built to love people, literally. And to love you, its my duty to address your inborn talents; the reason why you are here, on earth. Don’t get me wrong, I use technology as a tool to help me do exactly that.

Sounds crazy, right?

This is how

  1. Inspire you to nurture your inborn talents.
  2. Write educative, entertaining and engaging articles on talent nurturing for you.
  3. Mentor you so you can convert your inborn talents into stunning businesses.

Taking Steps to Ignite Inborn Talents in Africa

Today, my fellow Crackajack, I want to help you build mad confidence in creating a stunning business around your talent. I will hold your hand and cheer you up in this journey because I want to see you getting paid (top $$) for being the truest and YOU-est YOU. This is what I was born for.

Let’s flare up that FREE GIFT from the Maker, shall we?

Yours truly, Crackajack Snr.

Lotsa’ Luv!

Disclaimer: If you landed here and aren’t African, please stay. The African Spirit demands that I welcome you. There’s a lot you can learn from Crackajack Snr. After all, the cradle of humankind is in Africa, so this is your home too.