Could You Be A Solopreneur?

Not everyone fits in the corporate world.

That doesn’t make you a bad person.

You are just one of us. Those of us that choose to dig our wells of fine wealth and serve the world with the waters. We are the solopreneurs.

You are a solopreneur if you manage, organize, take the risks and bask in the profits your business generates all by yourself. Click To Tweet

We simply explore entrepreneurship all alone and serve to the ends of the world.

We are limitless!

Hairlessly-Beautiful #HaveNoFear
Hairlessly-Beautiful #HaveNoFear

Solopreneurs come in various shapes, strengths and sizes. These are the freelance writers, graphic designers, podcasters, web designers, Airbnb hosts, photographers, YouTubers, Language instructors, Yoga teachers, bakers or one of many others.

I am one of them. A freelance writer by love, devotion and dominance. The silent-scream side of my life.

My extroverted genes however serve as the Team building coach, Motivational speaker and Business mentor versions of me.

My book, “I Hate Me” explains how on earth I balance all that. And still do it solo.

Some Books By Me

Welcome to the world of Solopreneuring.

This could be the reason why I didn’t wear corporate shoes for long. I tried. But got miserable.

I bet you know someone like me. A solopreneur. Some by choice. Others because it was the only way to earn their cheese. Thanks to the challenging job market. And the growing demand for ‘experience’.

If your business ingredients feel the same way, you are one of us.

While the articles in these blog target solopreneurs, if you ever decide to cross over, take with you the wisdom. I am sure it will work there as well.

You Are An Army of One!

My call here however is to fuel your dream of starting and running a profitable business. To remind you that you are not alone in this. And whether you choose to serve your community with your inborn gifts and talents, or something you learnt in school, you can succeed with solopreneurship.

I challenge you to dive into solopreneurship before ever considering a partnership or anything else. Prove yourself first. And if you must get a partner, let them find you already minting cash. It will rocket your value beyond infinity!

The Solopreneurship Battlefield

You can start from home, or by the roadside depending on the laws of your country. Then move to a rental office when your financial muscles build up. But you can also turn a corner of your house into an office and work from home. Like me. It doesn’t matter. I just want you to start, work, and keep that business going.

And if that business threatens you with loneliness, tweet me or link me up and let’s have some e-coffee over the issue. All I want is to see you rise from that cold spot and set up your business. Because you have everything you need to make that happen.

You are a solopreneur! You are strong! You can do this!

Lotsa’ Luv!


Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might!

Ecc. 9:10 (part) Holy Bible