Hey! Magdalene here. 

Welcome to Fine Wealth.

The place where everything is about fine wealth.

Fine wealth, you ask? Yes. I’m madly in love with nurturing talents because I believe talents are your Fine Wealth.

That’s why I’m crazy enough to believe earth’s rotations are fueled by talents and a whole lot of passion! 

The side effect of that belief? I get so infuriated by education systems that ignore talents. Without fear, I declare them manufacturers of Robots! There’s even a book to it.  (The joys of being a freelance writer.)

Read the book “Millions of Robots” right here. 

Millions of Robots e-book

That story doesn’t end there. How would it?

I cleared my Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology in 2016 and graduated with a first class honors. Then I did the next best thing. I dumped it!


Because I felt there was more to Magdalene than speaking code to machines. Don’t get me wrong, I now use technology as a tool to help me do what I love most. Sounds crazy, right?

That’s because….

I’m passionate about inspiring people, creating content and helping people just like you convert their talents to great businesses.

Today, my friend, I want to help you build mad confidence in creating a stunning business around your talent. I want to hold your hand and cheer you up in this journey. Honestly, I want to see you getting paid (top $$) for being the truest and YOU-est YOU.

Why compromise on your fine wealth?

Dig in for the services I’ll offer you.