Hey! Magdalene here. 

But you can call me Crackajack Snr.

Welcome to Fine Wealth.

The only place where everything is about your inborn riches.

Fine wealth, you ask?

Yes. I’m madly in love with nurturing talents because I believe talents are your fine wealth, and the only sure way to create the business of your dreams and a life you love!

That’s why I’m crazy enough to believe earth’s rotations are fueled by talents and a whole lot of passion! 

The side effect of that belief? I get so infuriated by education systems that ignore talents. Without fear, I declare them manufacturers of Robots! There’s even a book to it.  (The joys of being a freelance writer.)

Read the book “Millions of Robots” right here. 

Millions of Robots e-book

That story doesn’t end there. How would it?

I cleared my Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology in 2016 and graduated with a first class honors. Then I did the next best thing. I dumped it!


Because I felt there was more to Magdalene than speaking code to machines. Don’t get me wrong, I now use technology as a tool to help me do what I love most. Sounds crazy, right?

That’s because….

I’m passionate about inspiring people, creating content and helping people just like you convert their talents to great businesses.

Today, my fellow Crackajack, I want to help you build mad confidence in creating a stunning business around your talent. I want to hold your hand and cheer you up in this journey. Honestly, I want to see you getting paid (top $$) for being the truest and YOU-est YOU.

Why compromise on your fine wealth, your FREE GIFT from the Maker?

Dig in for the services I’ll offer you.