5 Benefits of Hiring The Hands of a Ghostwriter to Write Your Story into Your Book

Everyone has a story. A story that ought to run from one people group to another, one generation to the next. And the worst punishment you can ever give to your story is letting some other person tell it from their perspective, adding their unsolicited advice into it while cutting away the juiciness that makes your story real. Arrrggghhh!!!

Your book is in the hands of a ghostwriter

Consider the plight of Mount Kenya; some guy saw the glorious mountain during one of his many escapades around Africa and claimed to have discovered it. The audacity!

He ignored the fact that there were communities living around the mountain, people groups that worshiped in the mountain and children who played hide and seek naked in that same mountain.

The generations before these residents had seen the gods up that mountain throw hot vomit down its slopes when they failed to send some living offering up the snowy peaks, and though they had not documented the gods’ mischiefs, they passed down these narratives to their children, and their children’s children orally.

Yet, this so called ‘discoverer’ for the power bestowed upon him by the gods of pen and paper, acted as if he had concocted the mountain in some laboratory elsewhere and delivered a complete Mount Kenya with possibilities of volcano dated a few thousand years apart. So for the longest time, children in my country Kenya, have been fed with the shameless lie that Mount Kenya was discovered!

What an insult!

If only the fellow had the decency to consult with the locals and hear the true story behind Mount Kenya.

But You Weren’t Discovered

True. However, the shameless twist that happened to Mount Kenya can happen to you, if you fail to tell your story while you still breathe. Some fellows have the nerve to present a butchered version of who you are to the masses, and you and Mount Kenya will share the fate.

You can save the situation though.

Because, unlike the mountain, you have a say in the way your story, your beliefs and your values should be presented to those you cannot reach for one reason or another. You just have to record your story. And though you may not have read a biography a day in your life, there is pride in having someone who needs some inspiration, or a warning, read yours.

But your story does not have to adopt the old-ish feeling of biographies if you do not want it to. There are a hundred other ways to tell your story.

And do not even let the lack of writing skills and time to write stand on your way. That is where the hands of a ghostwriter come in. Such have the skills, the time and the love to birth your story into your own book!

This is how the story goes.

5 Audacious Benefits of Hiring the Hands of a Ghostwriter

The juicy side of ghostwriting your story into a book

…is as obvious as the rising of the sun.

You narrate it in the best way you know how, and I, write it. Simple. You do not have to bear hours of drumming a keyboard, editing, and printing.

You tell. I write. Is that easy or what?

But that is not all. The benefits keep pilling until your book is done. Here are a few.

1. Sworn to Secrecy

As a ghostwriter, I do not own any bit of your story, so you can be sure I will never tell a soul about our little ghostwriting affair with you.

And though a copy of the manuscript may remain in my laptop and an unedited printed copy on my desk, you are assured of the highest level of secrecy. I let you decide who to tell that I can help them get their story turned into a book as I did yours.

2. Stick to the Script

How would you feel if someone sold your story mixed with their opinions as the gospel truth about you?

When you hire a ghostwriter to write your story, you tell it in your own words and they pen it. You also have a chance of correcting any wording that do not sound like you. So, by the time the story turns to a book, you are in good terms with the content. You are in 101% control of what the book says.

3. Save the day

Worried that your story does not deserve an audience?

First, every story is worth hearing, what matters is the packaging, which is what I, as your ghostwriter bring to the table.

Again, your story does not have to be a story about you. It can be the thoughts you churn in your head during siesta but are restricted to a paragraph and nothing more. Too short, too skimpy to feel book-worthy.

Such are not mere thoughts; they are ideas and convictions that cry out for freedom, begging you to set them free. They desire to reach the people who need them most.

The hands of a ghostwriter have the magic to capture them in a book. The have the shaker to salt them with an ounce or seven of creativity. They will spice them with emotions breathing them to live. So, why should you shy away from hiring the hands of a ghostwriter; the hands gifted to do your one paragraph of thoughts the justice deserved?

4. Savor the glory

Ok, so your story was written by a ghostwriter, is it yours or theirs?

No sweat. The ghostwriter sends you a Non-Disclosure Agreement granting you 100% rights to your book though you never typed a word of it.

Or even that half the ideas were not yours.

One of the most insane benefits of hiring the skilled hands of a ghostwriter to write your story or your siesta thoughts for that matter, is escaping the entire donkey work. No planning. No writing. And no editing.

Some people feel guilty for engaging the hands of a ghostwriter and lose confidence to defend the authorship of the book. The, ‘people will find out‘ mentality.

If that is you, stop it!

Carry that book around and show it off. It is yours. You are the author. Be proud of it.

So if you have been dreaming about writing a book but do not have the time, skills or desire to sit down and write one, the hands of a ghostwriter what it takes. And in this day and time when having a book to your name ushers you to avenues you would otherwise never access, scoop the opportunity while it is still hot.

There is power in the written word!

5. Sold by you

And now for the cherry on top of your cake, try this!

A month ahead of the receiving the final copy of your book, start showing off the digital cover of your book on social media with a tag ‘Coming soon’. Price included.

Ensure to add a few words to your social media post to wet your followers’ mouths. That softcopy of your book cover has the potential to turn the likes and comments into pre-launch orders. Real cash gracing your bank account!

This method has worked for every client that has hired my ghostwriting hands.

But make sure the cover graphics meet you standards before sharing. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words. And a great cover judges the taste of a book. To some extent at least.

Then pose before a good camera with a copy of your book once published and share the photos on social media while stating the price all over again.

Go a notch crazier even …

Post a short video telling your followers what they will miss if they do not read it. This is also a good time to give discounts, say 10% refund for anyone who refers a friend to buy your book and shows proof of purchase.

This buzz is enough to shift your name from your friends’ ‘list of ‘just friend’ to ‘GOAT’. Your story written in your book delivers a different message of altogether.

“Your book is your business card on steroids”, say Matthew Rudnitsky.

And do you know why?

Because the next person who retells an oral story can alter it and there are no ways to refer to the original version. But a written story has tangible reference that your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and all else can refer to.

And your readers will never know that your book was birthed through the hands of a ghostwriter.

Hands of a Ghostwriter’s Takeaway

You have come this far for a reason.

And if my guess is right, you want your fragmented ideas and experiences ordered into a book you can share around the world. Yet, you have got no time nor skill to organize them. Or maybe you feel the story, thoughts and ideas are too scattered to turn to a book. However, by right of ownership, you are their birth-mother.

So what if you cannot express them into a book?

So you hire the mind and hands of a ghostwriter to help you birth your story into that book. You hire me to write your book. And even though my rates have changed since I wrote this article on Ghostwriting non-fiction e-books last year, the process is the more or less the same for fiction and non-fiction writing.

The ball is now in your court. Drop a comment below and let us get your book forming.

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