Did You Just Arm Twist Your Client To Pay For A Product At That Price? Do’s And Don’ts Around Negotiating With Respect

Negotiating is an art you are born with, nothing to be ashamed of. But there is a right way to do it, and an awful way that leaves the other party with a bad taste in their mouth; you could be using right now.

You can change that right away because the negotiating genie in you must come up at one point or another as long as there are options to choose from. It doesn’t even have to be about money or business. It could be about time; you want to watch the fashion channel and your partner wants to watch football.

When there’s only one TV set in the house, you could opt for a vote or tackle each other, fairly I hope, through negotiation. It doesn’t have to end up with one of you leaving the house to go and watch TV at a friend’s house, life is all about negotiating. If you do it right, with lots of respect, you could win your partner over to 45 minutes of The Best Runway Looks At Paris Fashion Week.

But don’t underestimate your partner’s ability to swing the club to his corner and have you watching 90 minutes of Real Madrid vs Barcelona scoring against each other in the La Liga.

It all depends on how well you or your partner can apply the Dos and keep off the don’ts of negotiating. You definitely need to arm yourself ahead of time to avoid saying something you think is fine but end up hurting someone your care about.

The Subtle Art of Negotiating Like a Pro!

The good news is, by watching this video, an extract from my Monday Morning Mojo program created by Fine Wealth, you could end up with a deal you will forever be grateful for; whether you win or not. Dive in!

Have you been breaking the rules of negotiating? Maybe there are a few things you have been doing wrong hence costing you loyal clients. Or maybe, there’s something you said to your supplier and since then you have been wondering why they love serving you. Would you share a bit about that in the comments section below?

If you have learned what to watch out for while negotiating, don’t reserve the conversation to business matters only. You can apply this further to win people over without twisting their arms to accept what you have to offer.

Remember, everyone you do business with has an opinion about you, that’s why they treat you the way they do. You could start working on it now by applying the rules and regulations of negotiating seeing that it is a part of life. Those who have applied the rules shared in the video above have experienced a tremendous change of attitude in their business communities, friends and family. Now is your turn.

We would love to hear how you are applying all the Dos and Don’ts of negotiating in your everyday life. Leave a comment below and let’s discuss this further, will you?

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