Can’t Keep Up With Keeping Records?

“You are so in touch with your daily expenses.”
She blurted.
“Jeez, you even know what’s in each one of your … what? Seven Accounts?”

“Thanks, dear.”
I smiled.
“But I am a solopreneur, there isn’t much to record I guess.”

“My problem exactly!” She continued, exasperated. “The little things are so easy to ignore. You must have a routine of some kind to nail it surely.”

“It definitely isn’t my memory. I’m yet to nail it the Jim Kwik’s way. You got me there.”

Part of enjoying my fine wealth is setting an excellent example for myself. By understanding how money streams into my business, how it exits and in what direction. That takes recording every move my money makes. Then I can serve people doing what I love with every fibre of my being!

My Process For Keeping Records

The simple art and science of keeping records

Here is a rule I learnt from a young man I have been mentoring.

Keeping Records = Doing the math before you get too busy to remember the numbers. Click To Tweet

So as soon as I walk into the house after my soloprenuering escapades, I sit and take stock of the day’s income and expenses. I trace back my footsteps from the moment I left the house admitting into my little record book any money I received, what I bought and at what price. I’m talking about the usual A6 ruled book. It sits in whichever bag I take to the field.

Then I tally it all up and compare the numbers with the physical figures. The cash. The mobile money. And the bank amounts. It’s a cool way of reporting me to myself. 😉

No crazy accounting program.
No scary formula.
No delays.

Then later in the week, I post the details into a simple Google Worksheet while relaxing over a cup of green tea.

Intentional Record Keeping

Keeping your records is simple. But you have got to be intentional. Try this for a week and see how your story goes.

Step 1: Start every day on a clean page of your little book stating the amounts you have in each account. If you can access it, via mobile or by popping up at the counter, it’s worth noting down.

Step 2: Update your little book as soon as you get home. Or sit at a coffee shop to unwind. Explain to yourself how you spent every Kobo you accessed during your solopreneurship escapades.

Step 3: Go brutal on yourself. You are your own boss after all.

That’s it! My #biztidbit on keeping records. Nothing mystical I’m afraid.

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