Hooray! It’s A Baby Infographic. You Too Can Have Your Whatever

Yellow makes my heart skip a beat.

But who would judge it? It is the spiritual colour for confidence, manifesting creativity and optimism, to say the least. It is also the reason behind my first ever infographic. And by extension why I believe after reading this article, you will also kick behinds!

The Crave-list

There is always a thing, or ten you lust for but somehow convince yourself you cannot do. Not that kind of lust, but a strong wish to conquer.

You have your list. I have mine.

And each item in our crave-lists has its moment of sticking its tongue out at us whenever we attempt doing it. Worse still, kicking our behinds.

One such item on my crave-list was ‘creating an infographic’. It bullied me for years. But now I am here to boast that yesterday, Friday, April 01, 2022, I created my first infographic!

The Story

You probably are wondering if I did not have anything better to report in my blog. Sorry, but no sorry. I am still dancing about the win.

Care to join me?

Me, myself and I are busy tossing spiced coffee and breaking salty pancakes on this win. Because it is worth celebrating.

Would you like to buy me coffee right about now though?

Here is my story. I encountered infographics when a client (we parted ways. I called it off) asked me to design one. They handed me a cute brochure and asked me to derive an easy-to-digest infographic from the content.

My tongue lost taste!

How on God’s green earth was I supposed to do that?

The Torment

So I ventured into research on creating infographics for the next 24 hours. I came up with nada!

For honesty’s sake, I could not summon enough confidence to study the seeming bogeyman of a topic. I declared Infographic-Ville a no-go-zone from then. Until yesterday. Of all days, Fools Day.

You see, every item on your crave-list dares you to try it. Then it holds a gun to your face drying out the only drop of confidence left in your heart. It ensures that you will never have adequate courage to fight back, explore and learn it unto perfection.

I am here to announce that you are not alone.

Besides infographics, my crave-list contains making beautiful pots for indoor plants, growing mint and rosemary on my balcony, and doing Yoga among a million other items. I dare you to write down your crave-list.

So you see, I am no saint.

The Awakening

Now that you know, it is time to strip the machismo of your crave-list’s face. Stop cowering in the ring each time an item therein punches you in the mouth. And while that punch might thwart your confidence to Kingdom come, thanks to Mike Tyson, this is 2022. We are woke!

We can harness the power of time travelling right from our desks. This is what I mean.

Take a good look at that vainglorious crave-list and give yourself permission to conquer when an opportunity pops up. It always does. No matter the item. All you have to do is submit to the trigger to tackle it. Before you know it, you will be kicking it into submission.

The Salvation

The debut infographic. Progress registered!

While scrolling through Canva’s infographic templates (I fail to remember why I went there), the colour yellow arrested my eyes. More of fooled me bearing the day. Yellow (and most of its shades) has a thing on me. It melts my heart.

The business infographic on Healthy Group Work challenged me to a fight. I would have walked away in the name of, “I can’t do infographics” but somehow I could not wiggle out of the snare.

The next 60 minutes saw me study the pattern in other Canva samples until my confidence rose to an overboil!

I am not claiming the expert throne. Yet. But I broke my virginity, got pregnant with ideas and an hour later a baby infographic was born. Share on X

The firstborn, with a million others queuing behind.

Hush The Bully

Ok. I get it. Your crave list is different. And your knees are immune to colours. So what?

Will you let an item you want to create bully you to the end of the world and back?

Here is what I would have you do.

First, realize that the item is only wearing a pretend-macho face. Deep inside it is a meek lamb in wolf’s skin. And the fact that your mind gave birth to the idea behind its being proves that you can do it.

That does not mean you will not break a sweat, or shed tears and blood in the process of actualizing it. A reason to embrace the next step.

Second, just do it! Relax, smile and enjoy the ride. When the opportunity to breathe life into the item knocks on your common sense door, which by the way is always open, let it float in. That excitement trigger is your knight on a horse. Do not overthink the process. Just surrender to it.

Of course your brain will want to play safe causing you to overthink. That is a trap that got you where you are in the first place. Remember, success has no safe caves. It is risky all the way. Human Up!

And finally, never stop. Brian Tracy in ‘Eat that Frog’ insists on daily practice to perfect and dominate whatever it is you want to learn. And until you conquer, the item will continue bullying you. So tackle it unto victory!

A Little Secret

To prove to you that I am your ordinary hu-woman. Ok, girl. I will let you in on a top secret. I have been struggling to write. Not just for this blog, but for clients too. It has been going on for over six months. I lost interest in writing. That hurts.

But this article by Tim Denning triggered my creative juices. And before I could slam the common sense door shut (sorry, there is none), I found myself dishing out invitations to my party. And the fact that you have read this far means you got one too. So come on in, “It’s a baby Infographic!” The first of many to come. You too can have your whatever!

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