How to profitably keep your clients happy after niche selection

Niche selection is tricky ordeal to every online worker. But, avoiding it in the name serving a larger audience is a waste of time.


As Jim Rohn would have it, “Indecision is the thief of opportunity.”
Be precise, and you will make huge profits serving your client.


You must now be wondering, “How will I keep my clients happy in this niche?”

“What if I don’t have enough content to attract the right audience?”

“Are there not too many other people like me in this niche?”

Feeling scared to carry on? Selecting a niche is tough; your fear is in good company. Getting the audience to like your gig is even more difficult, so is making them happy. Note, unhappy audience are quick to click the BACK button. That is not what you want.


Niche selection process

Selecting a niche requires you to identify:

  • Your passion
  • Your skill
  • Things you can learn
  • What you can access
  • Your general talent.

You serve your client with this mix. It is that simple. Comforting? (takes a deep breath and then exhales)


When you design a logo, write an article or develop an application, you feel great! This is short lived. True joy comes when you make money from it or know that you helped someone.


Your aim as an online freelancer is entrepreneurship. Your motivation comes from profit and change making. You ought to ascribe to this quote “If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense”.


Here is a scenario.
A stranger walks up to you and gives you a gift wrapped with a lovely gift wrapper. Your pet name written on it. Someone who loves you must have sent it.
From a huge crowd another stranger shouts out name. He throws a wrapped box labeled, ‘someone’ and walks away. You pick both boxes and place them on a table. There is a great temptation to open them at once. On opening, you realize that the contents are similar. If you found out later that you could only keep one, which one would you choose?


The Internet hosts a pool of freelancers specializing in your niche; you are one among them. Craft your product because your must but keep in mind the profit.


Making profit from your selected niche

This far you must be wondering if you made the right decision choosing your niche, right? Do not dump your product or selected niche. Instead, package your product to be memorable. This is how you do it:


1. Teach your client

Do you like learning new stuff from products you subscribe to?
So does your client. Learning is to human. Use your product to teach your client something new in your selected niche. They will share it with their friends.


2. Entertain the client

Would you enjoy the service of a rude and boring cashier?
Neither does your client.
No matter how great your product is, you aim at keeping your client entertained.

Make your blog, website or YouTube channel a moment worth remembering. Keep the colors friendly, fonts enticing, use high quality video and photos. Keep the news hot and spicy. Your audience will convert to returning clients. Note that online competition is stiff; everyone wants to win. Excite your clients with more creativity.


3. Simplify their lives

By now, you have come across online products that make your life easier. You can bookmark this blog or save it for later. Every browser wants you to enjoy your online drive.

Look at your chosen niche; can you assure your audience an easy sail when they go through your content?

Are your sample logos easy to zoom in and out? Are the intimate details of your mobile app easy to access? How about your blog?


4. Cut off their aches and pains

Would you be willing to make their visit to your online shop less heartbreaking?

Make sure that your clients are well served once they visit your online shop. Be the expert in your niche. Your clients need not to go out looking for more information. Be thorough and remove the competition.


5. Serve them with the future in mind

Share information that will benefit your clients for a long time. If you are running a blog; keep it fresh. Commit to thorough research and intense creativity. Serve information to address several generations. Remember, the niche is not about you but the client.

Are you a graphic designer whose niche is logo design? Stay current with motion logos, 3-D and vector for the static logo. Show off your prowess with new designs. Keep in mind that you are addressing a huge population; from the baby boomers to the iGeneration.


Happy clients refer their friends to you because they have tasted and seen how sweet your product it. The more focused you are in your niche the easier it is for the client to have faith in you and talk about you. This is definitely what you want; to be the household name in your niche, the Superman of that niche. Selecting a niche draws audience’s attention to you. You portray yourself as the go-to person. Your audience will engage and finally pay for it.
Failure to select a niche will cause your audience to wander around. They will finally spill out into a more focused fellow.

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