No matter how hard you try, you can’t separate an African from stories of significance. It’s their way of passing wisdom from one generation to another.


SOS event


Think about it, when a little man from an unknown village tumbles down a notorious giant, the celebration drumbeats make the world tremble. And though parts of the world ignore the tremor, the wind pushes the ripples of the story to the four corners of the earth by force!

That’s what Stories of Significance is all about; sharing stories about leaders and businesses that have noteworthy effect in the community. It is an event hosted by two businesses; Savskills Limited and Fine Wealth Services, based in Mombasa, Kenya.


But there’s a catch; the event isn’t about second hand stories, the real hero or ‘Shero’ relates how they brought down their giant, one intimate detail after another. From one heartfelt story, the audience derive hope to make their lives count as they exhale, “Yes! It’s doable.”


So, who are the hero’s audience?

You can expect entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and those who love rowing other people’s boats to success. They gather to listen to this one leader narrating their journey from sludge to success in business or an epic cause in their community.


What Makes Stories of Significance Unique?

You may have attended numerous events, listened to a pile of stories and met dozens of business owners and leaders, but haven’t effected the change you desire. Stories of Significance is packaged to help you discover and actualize your most productive self through these five pillars:


  1. Consistency

Is it important?

Absolutely. If you are persistent, you will get what you want, and with consistence, you will become who you want to be. Food for thought.

Stories of Significance is held every last Friday of the month except on December or when a public holiday interferes with the day; then, it is held a Friday earlier.

While there are many other regular events taking place in Kenya from time to time, Stories of Significance schedules one story per month, giving you enough time to dissect it into delicate details for your consumption. A month later, you are ready for a refill.

The consistency also allows you to book your seat many months in advanced lest you forget and miss a sensational story.


  1. Relatability

Picture this; you attend a hyped event where one popular speaker steps on stage and speaks about his successful business in a land far away, beyond your imagination. In a different setup, a fellow Kenyans narrates their real-life story about their success despite the struggles.

From whose story would you derive your inspiration to setup your business or venture into that cause you have always wanted to pursue?


Stories of Significance’s atmosphere is set with you; the audience, in mind. The organizers pick a guest with an outstanding Kenyan story that you can relate to; one who understands the effect of every electioneering year’s sluggish economy.


They invite guests who have experienced the nagging public transport in the country and can say, ‘the struggle is real’, yet pursue their businesses undeterred.



SOS event at Tamarind Hotel


  1. Authenticity

A great storyteller can retell someone else’s story in numerous dimensions and motivate you into action. But in Stories of Significance every guest tells their personal story; going as far back as when they were below 10 years of age. That way, when you sit in the audience, you can draw the map of their life and see what propelled them to greatness.


Was it resilience?

Was it relationships?

Was loathe for poverty?


Your time is then rewarded through a Q&A session where you can ask the guest those intimate questions that popped up your mind while they shared their story. You walk out of the event fulfilled!



  1. Inspirational

Having paid for your ticket to be part of the audience, wouldn’t it be unfair if you left event low-spirited?

Every story shared in Stories of Significance is meant to have the audience journey through the guest’s life as if in real-time. It gets hilarious, tearful, jaw-dropping, silly, at-the-cliff’s-edge scary and every bit is true.


The intention?

To inspire the understanding that these heroes are ordinary people who make exceptional choices and rewrite their stories, making them worth retelling.

One local story could arouse the birth of an idea and grow it into a mature business or a meaningful cause that could change your narrative forever.


  1. Connectivity

The top of the hour is marked by networking over an extra cup of tea or coffee and a few bites. To maximize on this, choose to arrive in time for the introductions to allow you to tell the crowd what you are all about. That one minute when you introduce yourself to the audience, is your defining moment. Use it to choose who to connect and take a photo with when the event ends.


During introductions, don’t be surprised if the audience choose to ‘hoot’ instead of giving you the usual clap. Stories of Significance isn’t a boardroom meeting; it is a relaxed session where you let loose and meet people.

Come ready to make new connections. Many who have attended have made meaningful relationships, most of which result into business. It’s your turn now!


While part of the guests’ stories are uploaded on YouTube to give you a taste of what Stories of Significance is all about, any question you may have can’t be answered there. Attending the event is your deliberate beginning to become the business owner or leader you have always longed to be.


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Otumbo Vincent · November 6, 2018 at 1:38 pm

Great piece.
Thank you for taking your time to jot it down.

    Magdalene Kamau · November 7, 2018 at 8:09 am

    Thanks Vincent for taking your time to read the story. Stories of Significance is taking Africa by storm starting from Kenya then moving outwards to the rest of the continent. Watch this space.

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