Got Toasted!

If you had told me two years ago that I would ever loathe writing, I would have called you a witch doctor. No, not the healer, but the kind who aids your enemy to finish you just because you seem happier and more successful than they are. Thanks to burnout, Read more…

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you are enough!

Just Do It. You Are Enough!

It took Madeline Balletta deliberate prayers, research and following her intuition to build Bee Alive, a multimillion-dollar firm. It took Henry Ford a mastermind group to build a name you and I know because it goes beyond the Ford motorvehicle. It took Serena Williams a devoted father and faith in Read more…

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Preparing meals is always fun for me. I consider it my me-time. Not because I’m a great chef, far from it. But that those few minutes spent in the kitchen turn to a coaching session with some of the smartest people on earth. The Cheese hunters I would love to meet. Read more…

People who care always share!